Five on Friday

Friday, May 16, 2014

:: one ::

Monday night we went to twin nephew's Jackson and Maddox last ball game of the season. So sad, this year they aren't even playing t-ball anymore. So grown! That's my brother in law Wayne "pitching". 
Jackson was batter up...

and Maddox next...

So proud of them! They had a good little team and this is just the first year non-t-ball so I can't wait to see how well their team does in the years to come. 

Meanwhile the miniature "FFA" members digging in the dirt with their tractors, could have cared less about the game going on in the background. Hilarious!

:: two ::

Think I've decided which one of Cade's Spring photos I'll choose to blow up and frame.
So in love! Dream come true to hang this on my wall.

:: three ::

Lilly Pulitzer's Buttercup Short in Hotty Pink Get Crackin' is also my latest love (and purchase)
I love the scallop detail of the Buttercup Short and this "print" was subtle enough that it didn't scream "LILLY!" like some of the others. Also, you know I can never have enough pink!

:: four ::

I've got to add a few Summer highlights to my hair next week. Loved going back to au natural for a while, but the downfall is being a brunette is you never realize how many gray hairs start to show until you go back to your natural color. Geez louise! Don't need a ton, but something like this perhaps.

:: five :: 

This quote. When planning a new home from scratch, I want to keep this quote in mind always. Well, really for any aspect of life. 

Simple, but significant. That, my friends, is going to make all the difference. 

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I love highlights! I think I have the same picture pinned, because I am considering having it done!

    1. I'll let you know next week how they turn out. I can not wait :)

  2. I think that is the PERFECT picture of Cade!! Please share it once you have it hung!? :) I was all brunette & had to get some highlights last month too! Loving them & so glad I got them back!! You'rs will look great!!

    1. Yes I can not wait!!! Also I'll def share a pic when I get it framed and all, you know it :)


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