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Monday, April 7, 2014

cousins at Fripp 2013
Owning a women's apparel boutique, I had several customers tell me "I bet you're hoping for a girl so you can dress her so cute. You would be broke!!" before we knew what we were having. What I wanted to say was "What do you mean? I'm going to slap broke dressing a girl OR boy!" Clothes are my thing. I'm kiiiiiinda obsessed. I knew anything mini-version equals instant cuteness. I also had loads of fun spoiling nephews with cute clothes for years, so yes, I've been smitten with Cade's little clothes from the moment we went straight to buy his first outfit immediately following the ultrasound. (and then I already had a sweet gown picked out and I immediately called Lisa at The Frilly Frog to monogram it when on the way home. True story). Sure, there may be more styles to choose from for girls (and Lord knows I'm obsessed with all things pink and girly, I swoon over all the adorable girl clothes at The Frilly Frog too) but there's plenty of precious boy clothes out there as well - you just have to know where to look and make the most out of your options!

Let's start with Summer sleepwear. In addition to cute sets from Carter's, my fav would have to be Hanna Anderson. Organic cotton pajamas that are just so darn soft and comfy. They also have super cute swim for boys this year too and it's on sale right now 25% OFF! 

Hatley also has adorable boy clothing. Love their pjs! 

Mini Boden. Some of the best baby boy play clothes. Most of his play clothes come from Carter's clearance rack, yes, and gracious hand-me-downs from his cousins, but some things I have splurged on from Mini Boden and he has worn them every single week, sometimes multiple times. They wash SO well and are just the softest ever. 

I snagged a pair of swim trunks on clearance last year and can't wait for him to wear this Summer. How cute are these online here?

Also, their applique tees. Adorbs. Again, hands down, the softest tees down there along with Zutano.

and I love Mini Boden's Jersey Baggies. They are by far the softest little pants and shorts out there. They wash so well and I've bought Cade several since he was born. He loves them too. 

If you join Mini Boden's mailing list, they are constantly sending out coupons. I only buy when there's a sale going on, but I seriously love the quality of their clothing. Comfy and cute.

From Mini Boden, to Target. There's cute little man stuff everywhere at all price points!
Target has some of the cutest swimsuits for boys and at $10 bucks a pop, you can't beat em.

I have also picked him up several little tees and shorts for $5 each.

Carter's also has a cute little Spring/Summer line this year. Adorable tees...

and shorts too! The prices are great bc they ALWAYS have a sale going on.

One thing I purchased last Summer and quickly became obsessed with are Prodoh fishing shirts for kids. They're stain resistant, provide UPF 50+ (the highest protection around), and they're designed by two families right here in the Upstate! They dry super quick and wash well. Really was the best thing on the beach last year...

and this year Cade picked out an orange one all by himself (Chad was happy. The other option was pink, which I of course loved). We also got the shorts and he even can wear them as swim trunks because of the fabric.
Shop Prodoh now at The Frilly Frog in Uptown Greenwood!

The Frilly Frog is just a few doors down from Sugar and we may or may not have had a wee little shopping spree there a few days ago. One of my favorite lines for boys that she carries is Le Top. I love the sweet styles and the quality/attention to detail is amazing!!

and I use to think Haute Baby only had cute girl clothes, but they really do have cute baby boy styles too!
Love this little set we got and Cade wore to the zoo Saturday. It's not on their website, but you can call to order. They also carry a cute boy line called Driftwood Apparel and recently picked up Southern Marsh kids too. New boy lines are popping up everywhere! 

Keeping on more of the traditional style (even though Chad said no more jon-jons past the age of two. I told him I bought up to 24 month and if Cade can still fit in 24 month this Summer - which I think he can - then he is still going to wear them ;) I love a sweet jon jon on the beach. The Frilly Frog is my favorite to find them by brands like Le Za Me and Bailey Boys (and they will soon unveil a line of smocked jon jons, bubbles and dresses for $30 and under!!!) and I also love Shrimp & Grits Kids too!

This style is similar to what Cade will wear for Easter this year. The sweetest.

and I love a good smocked swimsuit. Girls and boys. The cutest.

Last but not least, shoes. Chad has always known that I've had a bit of a shoe fetish, but I don't think he realized it would spill over into a fetish for buying Cade an abundance of shoes too. I just love them, they're all so cute, not to mention his feet are growing like wild fire. The best purchase so far has been his New Balance kicks. We had to go with wide and the only place I could find those was Zappos. The velcro strap is perfect for his wide, chub feet. He really needs a new pair because these are so worn now. Wears them all the time!

Going forward for Summer, I picked up these Sun Sand Salt Water sandals in brown. Dress them up or dress them down. The adjustable straps are also great for wide feet.

Also some of the best little shoes I've found for him to wear to Mrs. Kims, that wash right off and are easy to slip on and off have been these little Maui Waves Sandals from The Children's Place. Three colors and $9.95! Last year I bought two colors. He wore them OUT. Stocking up for this year as well. 

For his birthday I snagged these toddler Nike Free's from Nordstrom sale. SO lightweight and the regular size/velcro strap fits his wide feet. He has loved wearing these as well. 

Another great boy Spring/Summer option - I am in love with the new Livie and Luca styles at The Frilly Frog. How cute!! Great walking shoes. Cade walked miles in these at the zoo Saturday.

Finally, I had to snag the Tom's Chambray Bimini for his birthday. I knew this would be a shoe that he could wear with so much this Spring. Tom's are great for wide feet too! 

So there's my Spring/Summer round up. Again, I only try to buy things that are on sale, stock up at end of season for the next year (my best trick. just tricky about guessing sizes), and I do get a few good deals at market when I go. We are also EXTREMELY blessed to have lots of hand-me-downs from cousins and friends who also have great style!!! I think this has allowed me to "splurge" for dressier church outfits, swim, and more. I want to dress him like this for as long as I can because as many boy moms have told me "Wait until their five and they only want to wear athletic pants". Trust me, I know that day is coming. Sooner than five I'm sure. So for now, that section of precious smocked jon jons, monograms, and applique's in his closet will remain. 

Savoring every sweet second while I can because I know my "baby boy" will soon be "an opinionated little boy" and is growing up all too fast.

Happy shopping!

P.S. I forgot to add J Khaki line at Belk has some cute boy styles. Great appliqued tees and seersucker short sets! Cade got an adorable set from his Aunt Monk for his birthday. I've always found cute little applique tees there too and when on sale, for just a couple dollars each. Don't miss the Belk sale racks!!

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