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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I really have no idea how I'm even blogging this week. To be honest, yesterday's post had been in the "drafts" file for a while and I finally posted when I couldn't sleep. I think too much caffeine to get the To-Do list done during the day for Sugar's birthday celebration this weekend, is causing my brain and typing hands to go crazy at night. SO, with that being said and after a 10 hour day today, I'm going to do a quick recap of our zoo trip Saturday!

 Saturday mom, Charles (mom's bf of like 10 years. He's just part of the fam) and I took Cade to Riverbanks Zoo. Chad and I took Cade to the Greenville Zoo last Summer and he loved it, but Charles and Grami had shown Cade shows on PBS of Riverbanks Zoo and Cade was obsessed. We knew he would have a blast this year and Riverbanks has a little more to see and do. Hate that Chad had to work, but we told him the next pretty Saturday he has off (if ever anytime soon...) we will go back. Here we are in the botanical gardens before catching the tram to the zoo. 

This picture cracks me up. Cade observing the zoo through the glass.

feeding the giraffes...

and then that one time when the giraffe snorted on us and this germaphobe mom ran to the hand sanitizer station.

Grami and Cade in "Grandma's Garden". Oh how he loves his Grami and Charles!!!
It was my mom's birthday Thursday and she just wanted to spend her birthday weekend with Cade:)

Then we walked over to the barn to see the barnyard animals and Cade proceeded to say "Mama, those goats need take a bath!!" Swear. (hmmm maybe I'm not the only germaphobe here)

For some reason Cade is obsessed with snakes. Gross. I think it's because we no lie, nearly stepped on one while down at the shop a few weeks ago. Thank the Lord I was holding Cade and Chad right beside me, but y'all I nearly died. I can not handle snakes. Spiders, bugs, etc... no problem, but a snake. Um no.
However, all my child kept saying at the zoo was "I WAN' HOLD 'NAKE!"
He isn't scared of a thing...and THAT scares ME.

He also loved all the fish and alligators. Can't wait to take him to the aquarium this Summer too!

It started getting extremely crowded around lunch time and we may or may not have zoomed his stroller right by the crowded, long line of a carousel but it's safe to say, Cade still had a BALL! We did wait in line for the little train ride, so he loved that and even made new friends. Always talking to somebody...

After the zoo we had lunch at Mellow Mushroom, did a little shopping and scored some sweet furniture deals for the store, then took long naps on the way home. 

no fun day at the zoo is complete without a selfie. 

I know I thoroughly enjoyed a day off before a crazy week this week and always love spending time with my boy!!


  1. so precious. his little face.

    p.s. I think the last time I ever stepped foot in Riverbanks Zoo was my junior (or senior?) year in college when we took Antropology together and had to go "observe the monkey's" for class. *memba that?! #dancingtwinsemoji

  2. He is just so darn cute!! It's precious to "see" things through their eyes!!


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