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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It was another gorgeous Spring weekend! We kicked it off Thursday night with a fun fish fry because Chad and Casey had caught a ton of fish this past week, and cousins from Boone were coming into town. Yay!!

Cade loooooves fish. Well, he loves any food really, but this was reaaaaally good.

We loved seeing cousins Claire (4) and Abigail (2), Cade had so much fun with Abigail who is just two months younger than him. Sweet babies.

I was off on Saturday, so we had our first pool day! My sis and bro in law had the most awesome pool installed this past Fall/Winter, plus an amazing deck so it's all ready just in time for Summer. Soooo nice. The water was freezing, but it didn't stop the kids from putting their feet in the water and the 80 degree temps didn't stop me from getting absolutely FRIED too. I even put on sunscreen. Ouch! 

Jackson just decided to jump on in...

Hayden had a fun time too!

Cool drinks on a hot day, sipping out of these cute Sugar cups. Perfect size for a mini frozen drink!

Later that night Chad and I went to a shower for friends Adam and Heather who get hitched in just two weeks, and then we ate Mexican din with Beth!

Sunday was the perfect day for lots of fun photoshoots I had lined up. It was a busy day, then Monday morning I headed to market for a quick overnight two day trip. I brought Cade back a few surprises. One being this adorable Jellycat Roy Crocodile.  Recently Cade has become obsessed with alligators, snakes, and all things reptiles. GROSS! I am trying to be ok with this, but at the zoo it was clearly his favorite thing so I thought "Mr. Croc" (so we named him) would be a hit and he was. It also came with a fun book. He hasn't left Cade's side since last night. He even had to take him to Mrs. Kim's this morning...

I hope this is the only crocodile he ever "kisses". Next thing we know he will be chasing alligators at Fripp beach trips. Ohmygah. Boys will be boys!

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