Easter Weekend: Part I

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Warning: Cade photo overload. I feel like I go several posts without any Cade updates, then bam all pics of him at once. Oh well, it was due time if you ask me :)

We had a busy, wonderful Easter weekend! 
My younger half-brother Will (who lives in Lodge, SC and is a Senior at Orangeburg Prep) came to visit with his girlfriend Emily while they were on the end of their Spring Break. They met us at Sugar Thursday afternoon and I had went to pick up Cade so he surprised them. We took them on a full tour of Uptown Greenwood, with stops in Blossom, The Frilly Frog, and of course Will LOVED David Lindsey. 

Cade enjoyed more candy at Mrs. Lisa's store (The Frilly Frog). Can you say spoiled?

Then we headed over to Uncle Mack's and Aunt Coco's to order pizza and
 dye Easter eggs for the first time! Cade just perches up in chairs and acts like he owns the place...

He also knows when the camera comes out, to say "cheese". Such a ham.

He was so excited about his first time dying Easter eggs! 

He plopped the eggs in there once or twice, then we explained you have to be EASY. He kept whispering "you gotta be eaaaaasy" after that.

Cade and "Tee Tee" (Teagan). 
"Cuz they're the two best friends that anyone could have..."

Cade was obsessed with Uncle Will's "BIG TRUCK!" That's all he kept talking about.

After dinner and dying eggs, we grabbed ice cream at Marble Slab. It was a fun night!

On Friday, I worked a bit while the kiddos slept in then I took them to lunch. We then picked up Cade from daycare and all loaded up in Chad's right hand mail jeep to come back to Greenwood. Emily wanted to be brave and sit in the front with Chad. It was raining and we were cramped, which we thought was hilarious, but Cade did not get the memo.

After a yummy meal at Fin & Filet here in Greenwood, we headed over to the bowling alley. It's kind of a tradition that when Will comes to town, we have our "sibling rivalry bowling competition". 

Oh and guess who got their own bowling shoes and joined in on all the fun?

Yep, even baby Cade had a place on the leader board. Ignore our silly nicknames. That's really part of what makes it so fun! HA I must say, we are pretty competitive when it comes to bowling. I think we get it from our mama. You'd never know but that woman is GOOD.

He had a ball until he got sleepy, but the bowling shoes I swear were the cutest little things ever. Couldn't believe they had his size. He loved walking up there and "rolling the ball" down the lane.

Next up, Easter Sunday fun...

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