Winter Ball and a lazy Sunday

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Another fun weekend! We didn't accomplish nearly as much this past weekend, but plans change and some days you just need to "be". It was so nice! 

Last weekend we turned our sunroom (which we never used) into a playroom. We simply removed the large coffee table and love seat and replaced with an Ikea Expedit I snagged from someone selling it for $45. Cade's toys were taking over the entire house and it's so nice to utilize that room and free up space in our den and his room. How he accumulated this many toys, I have no idea. Wow. Here he is this weekend drawing on his new chalkboard, right before he said "Mama I draw soooo purdy". Full of himself. Yes, he is sitting on a block too.

Saturday night we attended Self Regional's Winter Ball. Chad and I attended several years ago, but this year we decided to go back with my sister and her husband plus some of our friends and the theme was "Moonlight and Magnolias". Such a great theme. The lowcountry menu featured everything from shrimp and grits, to jambalaya to fried alligator. Even country fried steak prepared right in front of you. Then there was an entire dessert room with pecan pie, Mississippi mud pie, you name it. HEAVENLY.

This year the proceeds went to Self's NICU. Having seen three nephews in NICU, I can say on behalf of my sis and bro in law that Self's NICU is amazing. So is their labor & delivery. I wouldn't have traded my wonderful nurses for the world. There was a massive silent auction at the ball as well and I can't wait to see how much money was raised. 

Courtney and I wore dresses from her store Voila. Both dresses are by Macduggal, a fabulous designer. Nancy O'Dell of Entertainment Tonight wore a Macduggal gown to the Oscars! Amazing dresses. 

I met up with a high school friend whose dad, owner of Uldrick Builders, co-sponsored the amazing band - Sleeping Booty out of NC. Y'all. This 15 piece band was off the hizzy. Dancers in sequin "booty shorts" and all. They were hands down best band I've ever heard (or shook my own booty to)

Chad and I couldn't get a good pic together to save our lives, but I did manage this one of him and Mack, our bro-in-law. They kept us laughing all night.

More Voila gowns! Courtney's sister-in-law Jobeth (hot mama of three kids and you'd never know it) wore an amazing Voila gown as well. Just gorgeous! We all felt a little va-va-voom that night, but you know what - it was SO fun to get all dolled up, something we rarely ever get to do. We love to primp and get glam, so we had an absolute ball!

Then Sunday came and we (me, Chad, Courtney and Mack) had big plans to move furniture and such. Well, after my mom's delicious "Sunday dinner", we all found ourselves (Cade included) spread out across her sofa, loveseat, and recliner and proceeded to take long Sunday naps. Cade slept in my lap for the longest time while I just watched home shows. It was heavenly. We finally all got up and moved a few pieces of furniture that we wanted to refinish and use in our one-day-new-house. I have been dying to clean up Papa's secretary desk and for now, have it in my sunroom. I can't decide whether to paint it or try to leave it in it's original glory. More project updates and pics coming soon...

So yes, Sunday was fabulous. So relaxing. we sat out on my mom's front porch for the longest time as well. Rocking and swinging....more rocking and swinging. Like the song says "That's what I love about Sundays..." It was a gorgeous day. However, Sunday night Cade decided he wanted to bring the chalkboard to me, as mentioned in previous post, and proceeded to bust his lip and create a goose egg on his forehead. There was so much blood, I thought he had knocked out his two front teeth. A busted lip means lots of popsicles. Even at 9:30pm at night! 

I think the saying should be "bruised knees and busted lips....that's what little boys are made of"
Wild man!

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