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Monday, March 31, 2014

First of all, I can't write this post without showing this gorgeous new Julie Brown tunic that arrived Friday. 
My favorite color + bling? Obsessed!

I also had fun finalizing wallpaper selections for Sugar. I know we are definitely going with the Thibaut Guadeloupe Wallpaper for the dressing rooms. That's what started this whole idea - no matter how many times I've painted our dressing rooms, the hangers nick/scratch the walls and leave marks. I have decided to try wallpaper as (hopefully) a much better option and being a retail store, I knew I could be as bold and fun as it gets. Even though this wallpaper is an older print, I kept coming back to it. Very Lilly Pulitzer-ish and the background color is almost exactly the color of the dressing rooms when we first painted. I love a darker pink for a dressing room because it reflects off your skin and makes you look like you have "color" - what every woman wants when trying on clothes right? For our tiny bathroom makeover, I am still indecisive (bc my LORD I've never seen so many amazing options in all my life...), but loving some sort of green geometric or the Thibaut Etosha in lime green. They aren't side by side or anything, but it I still wanted everything to blend and be cohesive vibe. I may change up the accent wall behind the check out counter too. Then there is my office, but that will just be painted. Aaaaahhhh, yeah this is all going to have to happen in phases. So fun!

Then on to the weekend...

On Friday it was my sweet twin nephews' 7th birthday. SEVEN! Still can't believe it. They went to Disney Live last weekend, so they just had a low key, super yummy cookout on Friday night. I love how Jackson is "so grown" now he is "totally over" blowing out candles. "Pssssh, please"

Oh and you better believe this little fella was not so patiently waiting on his piece of cake. Kid is obsessed with birthday cake and candles. No legit when he sees a lit candle at our house we have to stop everything, sing happy birthday and blow out the candle.

Birthday celebrations continued on Saturday since it was my sister Courtney's 26th! We had planned for both Chad and I to drive up to Greenville to meet everyone for dinner after he got off work, BUT you know me...plans apparently aren't my thing, so when my employee called in sick Saturday AM, I left for work frantically and then our sitter for the night was also sick. That meant Chad stayed at home with Cade as I scooted to Greenville right after work. It was a crazy day, but made dinner all the more awesome. I'd do just about anything for this girl right sister and best friend.

(her Strossners cupcakes say "Voila Doll". Ok, or not...they actually messed those up and it said VIOLA doll. This is just how my day went y'all...but oh wait...stay tuned...there's more...

all the gals at Roost - first time there and dinner was amazing!
 Ok so me being like the only mama there and all, needing to rush back to little one, I left straight after dinner and skipped out on the rest of the downtown action. Beth was going to take me back to my car and we are just jammin' out to old school Missy Elliot (typical us) coming out of downtown when all of a sudden her car just slowy comes to a halt. Say whaaaat? Yes. There we are in the median, hazard lights on, no idea what has happened, thinking what in the H-E-double hockey sticks are we going to do. We call a tow truck who has to take car to the dealership for repairs because it was definitely more than the battery. He also took us back to my car. Totally sucked, but y'all for some reason I had the giggles and could not stop laughing. I guess it was because nothing in my day had really went right and this was just so typical (sorry for my bad luck Beth!!). We really had to laugh to keep from crying...

Seriously though, ONLY US. Again, super sucky situation but these moments are what make life, You just put on your big girl panties, laugh until tears roll down your face, and thank God for awesome girlfriends that make any situation fun. I still may or may not be laughing at our selfies taken in the rollback!! BAH!!!

Moving along to Sunday. After church and trying a new recipe (will post soon!) we started even more Spring cleaning and purging. Found more pics of my dad. This one I adore. Daddy with no shirt on, grandma with her pearls on, Papa with his cig, white shirt, and trousers. If this isn't the epitomy of a family in 1960ish Summer in the South, I don't know what is. This is definitely getting framed for my future photo gallery wall idea.

THEN my Monday started with getting to the store super early to shoot a yeah, more on THAT later. Off to unwind from this whirlwind and CRASH! Whooooo.


  1. oh, bless our little saturday night shenans. 1. glad I wasn't alone. 2. glad YOU were the person stuck with me. b/c only you would keep me sane during our time with "rollback redneck." #makingmems

  2. Some times things just aren't meant to go as planned! That happens to me all too often! HAHA! Sounds like still a great weekend though!


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