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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Is it just me or is this never-ending Winter making everyone go into a state of depression? I've never been more ready for Spring and Summer. Oh and the first time I complain about the Summer heat, you all have permission to slap me in the face. I promise. 

Since swimsuit season MAY be around the corner (heck, who knows...) I am trying to eat a little less Chick-fil-A and a little more greens. I have been eating waaaay too much fast food lately. Barf. My favorite salad toppings and dressing are shown here (I really like the sliced almonds and cranberries duo too). Add some goat cheese or blue cheese crumbles, fresh strawberries, apples, grilled chicken...this dressing makes everything taste better. It's good for you too! Seriously, go buy some today.

Again, there are signs of Spring's almost here!

view from Sugar's front door last week
Wild man is just that. WILD.

I don't even remember where he got this stuffed monkey from but it is now his BFF.
They ride the 4-wheeler together and last night, swear, Cade looked at me and said "I need change his diaper". I said "You need to change MONKEY's diaper???" He replied "Uh huh" So I told him to go get a diaper and change him. (Le duh!) Sure enough he went to his room, grabbed a diaper and came back to try to change him. I was dying. Yep, CHAD....TIME FOR BABY #2!!!!!!! He's ready!!! Hilarious!

Cade also finally got the chainsaw he has been wanting for months. Thank you Amazon. Everywhere local was sold out. So now he is having fun oh ya know, cutting down my plants and such. Apparently everything must go.

Our weekend was relaxed and low key. Well, maybe not so relaxed for me. 
On Saturday I decided to tackle priming and painting my grandparent's antique china hutch I salvaged a few weeks ago. Oh. Em. Gee. Patience, patience is what I kept telling myself. It needed like a million coats and I'm STILL not done. I ran out of paint, but the new hardware I ordered from Anthropologie arrived on Saturday as well, just in time, and I couldn't wait to test it out...

Here's a sneak peek, but once it's finished I promise to show before and afters. Again, still need several coats and there's a few details I need to work on. It's going to be pretty amazing to see the difference, if I do say so myself. The before pic was hideous.

Saturday night we went to a little get together/dinner at a friend's house and another friend talked about Rodan & Fields skin care products (which I had heard of before and even tried once for like a few days, even though I didn't do it correctly). I have been going back and forth thinking about it and as a 30 year old who struggles with acne DAILY and is beyond frustrating, I decided what the hell, and give it a try. If it doesn't work after a month, then you can send it back for full refund. Anyone tried it before? Results? Yay or nay? I really wanted to invest in Obaji, but for the price I feel like this is a better place to start. I've tried everything, so if it works y'all will hear me screaming Hallelujah! Trust me. Fingers crossed.

On a lighter note, I ordered Hatley Fall for Sugar yesterday. Hatley is one of my new favorite lines. Exceptional quality, easy to wear and easy to wash cotton pieces (perfect for us mamas!). Here's a sneak peek of a few of the early Fall styles we ordered. Love them all!

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