Vegas Baby. Part II. Ya Betta Werk.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wednesday we trekked over to Las Vegas Convention Center for MAGIC. 
So many lines, so little time. No really it is beyond overwhelming. 

First we hit up MM Couture, which I've carried off and on for a few years but they've lowered their price points even more and had some really incredible pieces. 

This jumpsuit = MAJOR.
Retails for less than $50 and you better believe we ordered lots. Oh em gee, love it.

We ordered some pretties for Spring and Summer, but mostly tried to focus on Fall. 
Lots of unique styles to come...

I was thankful for all my helpers. They were my "sounding board" for items and I love having several sets of eyes to help me determine what our customers will love.

I was a little hesitant at first, but y'all  - the slinky slim pant is going to be HUGE this year! So chic paired with just a black tank, statement necklace, heels and cute clutch for a night out. Oh and the best part? They feel amazing. The most comfy pants ever with that elastic waist. Just what this mama needs to hear!

Another cool thing...I ran into an editor of People Style Watch! She was so sweet and I loved briefly chatting with her about all things fashion.

We got SO much done on Wednesday and even captured this sunset over our hotel during our ride back on the shuttle.

For our last night in Vegas, we wanted to head over to Bellagio and around that area.
I wore Sugar's new Showstopper Maxi in Raspberry (also available in mint) with our Lucy Paris faux leather jacket (sold out) and leopard heels + GiGi clutch from Blossom Shoes & Such.

These two crazy kiddos accidentally dressed as twins wearing black blazers and skinnies, so we called them the "Blaze Mafia" for the evening.

I tried out a center part for the first time (eeeeh...why not, it's Vegas) but I do not think I can pull it off. Also it was not even exact center. Uber fail.

We decided to have dinner outside at Sugar Factory (le duh, of course we were gonna eat here) and we watched the Bellagio water show over and over. It was so fun...and yummo!

Thursday morning we woke up to emails that our flights had been pushed back. This sad mama was NOT happy about that, but thank goodness we would still be home by 9:30 that evening.

On our taxi ride to the airport we stopped for a pic. Fourth time in Vegas and I finally see the sign!!

Delayed flights meant purchasing way too many magazines and
 brainstorming way too many ideas for the new casa. I tried to be productive. Somewhat.

Praise tha Lord we made it home and I was able to scoop this thirty pound goodness up in my arms again! When I asked him what he wanted me to bring him back from Vegas, he replied "uhhh...a chainsaw...and a tractor...and a weedeater" Well, alrighty then. Since mama couldn't bring a chainsaw (the one thing out of those three he didn't have) back in her suitcase we settled for a Target trip on Friday night and he actually picked out a jackhammer. Cool. So apparently he's starting a landscaping business I don't know about. Never a dull moment with this one, I tell ya..

Y'all should see the looks he gives me. This is just one of many!

Update: Mama Joy (my mom) still has a cough, but she is feeling so much better. Again, we were so sad to miss out on some much needed mommy/daughter time, but we hope to take her somewhere else this year. We love treating her because she constantly does SO much for us! She is the best. Pray that she's back to 100% again soon! 

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  1. i've been such a bad friend and haven't even asked if Mama Joy was feeling better. Glad she's slowly starting to feel better. I finally got my "normal" voice back this week and no more gross coughing for me either.

    and you can pull off ANY hair style...middle part, side part, no part, short, long, dark, blonde. you look perfect always. seriously.


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