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Friday, February 28, 2014

Oh Olivia. The girl can do no wrong. My fashion crush. Every time she steps out (even to walk her dog!) she looks super chic. Blows my mind.

Black laquered doors. I have to have these somewhere in my next home. Closet doors maybe?
 It really glams things up! 

Speaking of homes, this one. Perfection. So classic. Dream home material.

Also swooning over Meredith Heron's office. No, you don't understand, I can not stop looking at it. It's really giving me inspiration to remodel the bathroom and more of my office at Sugar. The bathroom is quite terrible, even though it's not suppose to be "public", I constantly welcome customers to use it and now my best customers feel such at home, they just go on back there whenever. No big deal! Yet, I really think it needs to be a bit more chic and reflection of the store, not just "a bunch of crap crammed onto plastic shelves and oh wait, be sure you don't trip over the vacuum!" Also, I never really finished the office remodel, just a new desk, shelving and moved few things around. I still do not feel like it's finished, nor does it have near enough pizazz for my taste. I have big plans for the next month and Meredith's office has given me just the push I need. Stay tuned!

Sam Edelman is easily one of my top three favorite shoe lines. His shoes are always right on trend, yet will stand the test of time and comfy, to boot! (no pun intended)

I adore his classic t-strap style and this year he has reinvented it with stripes. I mean, DUH. No brainer. Get in my closet asap!

Last, I'll leave you with this. Is this not the truth??

Happy Friday! 

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  1. Seriously Olivia can do no wrong!!!! I just love her! Sam Edelman is one of my personal favorites too!


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