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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

 I am really going to try to get back to doing regular posts, such as "What I'm Loving Wednesday" and "Fashion Friday" or "Favorite Pins Friday". I don't know how long I can keep this up, but I'll try.
I thought things would slow down after Christmas. Wrong. We went to Asheville, surprise party, Chad went back to Alabama to hunt, now I'm preparing to direct a wedding next weekend, Cade's birthday party after that, then Vegas shortly after. Not to mention Spring is rolling in at Sugar like crazy! Whew, helloooo 2014. I do love you already.
So first up, Spring denim has arrived and I love, love, love Citizens of Humanity's new Rocket high rise skinny in Byron Bay. We first had the Rocket in Fall and it flew out. Long gone are the days when "super low rise" skinnies were cool. (Praise the Lord because this mama's muffin top needs to be covered). That's exactly the thing, the high rise conceals and covers like none other and gives an incredibly flattering shape. I love this new lighter wash for Spring! Light washes are definitely "in".
Celebs definitely love the Rocket style (even though most of my customers, and myself, wouldn't wear them with shirts tucked in, but it is a super trendy hot look that celebs love...and can pull off of course) ...

 Loving my new birthday goodies. I took some of my birthday money and finally purchased The Southerner's Handbook and Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette. I know they have Naked 3 now, but this set came with a lip gloss and was on sale so I was sold. So far I haven't used it much just on the every day norm, but I can't wait to try some new things soon. Pinterest has a ton of ideas and YouTube tutorials.
Ok, yes I do LOVE this little man to pieces, but I also love his new little hat and the styles I have purchased from The Frilly Frog lately. Back before Christmas she began carrying the line, Driftwood. It's a great little boy line (hard to find) and has the cutest tees and hats. Super soft, great quality and we have enjoyed them so far! Here's a link to their FB page. Boy moms check it out!
 Obsessed with this adorable sign Ruth gave me for Christmas. For those who may not know, Chad's first cousin Drew Newell (only a few years younger than Chad. They were really close, even though they lived in separate states ) was killed by a drunk driver in 2007. He was such a laid back, "follow your dreams bc life is too short", kind of guy. He took off to Colorado just to wait tables and snowboard all day because quite simply, that's what he loved to do and he knew that was the only time to do it. When you asked him what he had been up to, he would reply "Ah, just living the dream". After his accident, I realized that YES life IS too short and there is no time but the present. He inspired me to do what I had always wanted to do so I quit my job and five months later opened Sugar Boutique. Drew had over a thousand FB friends and you couldn't even fit everyone into the church for the funeral. He was loved by SO many, such an inspiration, and reminds us all every day to dream BIG, soak it in, and live it up because life is far to short to do anything but! 
 On a lighter note, I'll end with these cute t-shirts that are on Zulily right now. Ummm, we bought not one, but two for Cade. You don't understand - the child is OBSESSED with this song. Like, I'm not sure if this is normal for an almost two year old to be this obsessed. He loves music and I can't wait for him to wear this cute shirt as an inside joke with family and friends. Hilarious!
That's all for today! Next up, my favorite new beauty products and a Pottery Barn outlet trip!


  1. Hi there!

    I just stumbled onto your blog from another blog and I love it! Your little guy is so cute! I just have to tell you that my 19 month old son is OBSESSED with Wagon Wheel too. Actually obsessed doesn't even begin to describe it haha. His entire world stops when it comes on. I told my husband I want to send Darius Rucker one of the hundreds of videos we have of him completely frozen watching the video or dancing to it. Maybe we could get a concert out of it :) anyways just wanted to let you know the obsession must be somewhat normal right?! Have a great day :)


    1. Jordan, that is TOO funny! I'm so glad you commented because yes, you make me think he is a little more normal now. We seriously need to submit to Darius Rucker. I'm a USC alumni too, so maybe that will help? (Go Gamecocks!) I hope you went over to Zulily and got him one of those cute tshirts or onesies! They can be Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel groupies together :)

    2. Haha that's why I got so excited when I found your blog and saw that posting! My first thought was, "Oh good, Landon's not alone!" I didn't get around to ordering the shirt last night but it actually works out well because I saw more stuff on zulily today that you know, I absolutely "need." :) I think Darius (we are on a first name basis in this household) would get a kick out of videos of these little boys adoring his song. I'm a Georgia girl though, so that might not help ;) Okay off to snag little guy a shirt, or two...... :)


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