Thursday, January 2, 2014

A new year.

A new chapter.

For me, a new decade.

In just twelve days I enter a new decade by celebrating my 30th birthday and as I look ahead at 2014, I am beyond excited at what it holds.

New adventures.

I hope to plan lots of new adventures that include this sweet little thing right here. Whether it be more quality time spent on simple days at home, to new adventures such as a lunch date out and a movie, aquarium, children's new trips and destinations. There's so much for him to explore at this age and I love seeing the world through his little eyes. 

For starters, I'll be heading back to one of my favorite places of all time - Vegas - as a work trip/late birthday celebration. Britney Spears tickets have been purchased. You know it. Check.

I'm also excited to try new trends, organize my closet and define my style in the new decade. The older I get, the more my taste changes a little. I realize now the importance of quality over quantity and hope to edit my belongings to the things I absolutely love and find beautiful to me.

A new decade not only means I'm getting older, but it means I better be taking care of myself. I had a dermatologist appointment today, a hair appointment to cover my grey tomorrow, I hope to get back to aerobics soon, and I certainly want NEED to eat better in the next year and beyond.

We only have one body folks and since I haven't found that fountain of youth yet, I guess I should start taking care of what I've got. I also hope to try new healthier recipes for my family this year. That's a big one. Meal planning, couponing and eating healthy would save me so much stress (and money!)

As I do every year, I will set new goals for myself at work. I constantly try to push myself and my store to a new level and I feel there's no limitations. We have been blessed with the absolute best customers and I'm excited to serve new ones in the new year. First thing first, I want to do a few tweaks to my office to create a beautiful work space that I enjoy working in. I spend a lot of time there, so I need to make sure I love it. Here's a little inspiration...

Along with a beautiful work space, we hope to work on a beautiful home space. 

Our plan is to create, simplify, and build a home that surrounds us with the items
 (and people!) we treasure. 

The plans have been ordered and while we're not sure how slow or quickly this process will go, we are excited for a new adventure for our family and feel incredibly blessed to take this next step. 
Something we've wanted to do for several years now and have put soooo much thought into.

and lastly... 

...regardless of how the next year unfolds, what new adventures we take, or new plans we make...
 I know without a shadow of a doubt  that I will simply love and laugh abundantly.

I look forward to spending more quality time with my family/friends and enjoying this crazy, wild, less than perfect sweet life I've been blessed with. Quite frankly, that is all that matters.

Wishing everyone a beautiful 2014!

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  1. Sounds like y'all have a lot ahead of you this year! So exciting!! I've been eating better the last couple of days & can already tell a difference in how I feel! So crazy but, I'm loving it!


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