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Thursday, December 5, 2013

I saw this on someone's FB page last week and loved it. 

So last week was insanely busy preparing for Black Friday. As if pulling out tons of sale items (and I do mean tons) was enough, we had a slew of boxes that arrived of fun NEW items too! 
Some days we were so delirious we didn't even make sense but it's always a good time around here...

Somehow (many hours later and even working some on Thanksgiving Day to set up) we managed to pull off a Black Friday tent sale!

But let's back up to Thanksgiving Eve. Chad's dad always fries a turkey and we have everyone (friends, family, even family from Boone who always come) over for a Turkey Bash! 
and we all know it's not a Turkey Bash until Casey and Chad play/sing Luchenbach Texas in memory of Drew (Chad's first cousin who was killed by a drunk driver the day after Thanksgiving 2007)

Cade had a blast at the Turkey Bash this year. Mostly he just enjoyed helping his friend Blakely take care of her babies. Don't tell Chad.

After an outfit change, you'd think this child would have been ready for bed, but OH NO! Once he heard the boys begin to play Wagon Wheel (his fav) it was all over. He was live til' five that night.
Party animal. I am scared to see teenage/college years. 

One of the highlights of my week last week was when I ran into TJ Maxx the day before Thanksgiving to buy more hangers for the store (bc yes we had so much inventory we ran out of hangers). There sat two Keurig Vue's for $99 each (original price $200+) We have had our regular Keurig at home for five years now and it wasn't working so great, even if I tried the whole "clean your Keurig Pinterest trick". The thoughts of the build up and nastiness inside it just made me gag, so I knew I wanted a new one. This was meant to be and so far, I love it!

On Thanksgiving Day I was ready for lots of yummy food with this little turkey.
We had a great meal and enjoyed time with family! Chad's cousin Jackie went with me to the store and helped me set up too. I have SO MANY people in my life to be thankful for. Family is everything!

Friday morning I left my house at 5pm to head to the store. By 6:30 we had a line out the door! 

There were so many amazing deals (some still available now at and it was a long, fun day. I think I got home that night around 7 or 7:30...Whew...

When I arrived home, I was greeted by this hilarious little one who was playing with his daddy's dove shoot earmuffs...

and to my surprise Chad had picked up our Christmas tree that day and had it all set up! 
I was freakin out because I didn't know when in the world we would have time to go get a tree, but being the sweet, thoughtful husband that he is - he took care of it and now we have the most perfect one. (which I eventually uh, Monday night after I recovered from the weekend)

To top off our amazing Thanksgiving week/weekend, can we just talk about THOSE GAMECOCKS?
AH-mazing. We had a great time watching it with friends. Cade said "GO COCKS!" about a million times. I have him trained well. (even though his daddy was yet again, one sad Clemson fan)

Sunday afternoon I had to take a few pics in Greenwood, so Cade and I made sure to attend the Greenwood Christmas Parade, right outside Sugar's front door! 
Cade had a ball and I hope we get to take him to more parades this year. He particularly loved the free candy.

Again, such a fun week with family and friends. Beyond thankful for them and thankful for a job, which I love and blessed to stay busy. Excited for the weeks ahead! So many fun events lined up and I love seeing Cade take it all in this year. Even if this time of year involves me not getting home until 7:30pm some nights (like last night)...I absolutely love it, so let the Christmas craziness begin :)  

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