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Monday, December 16, 2013

When mommy and daddy work six days a week around the holidays, we end up taking a random Tuesday for a "family fun day". Last year we started a tradition of taking Cade to Bass Pro Shop to have his pic made with Santa. They always have a great Santa, free pics, and free carousel rides. Ok, and it may or may not be the only way I get the hubs to tag along. He starts his Christmas shopping then :) Here's me and little man ready for the day!!
how to entertain a toddler on a road trip...
First stop was the Mall of Georgia to eat lunch. I knew they had a little train that drove you around the mall and I knew Cade would be obsessed since he loooooves trains. He thought it was AMAZING, of course.

in awe...I can't wait until he rides on a real train one day!

He also wanted to ride the motorcycle. Another favorite of his...

then we had a carousel ride. Seriously, who needs an amusement park when you've got the Mall of Georgia. HA! Perfect {cheap} entertainment for toddlers.

Love these two so much...

Then we hopped in the car (yes, Cade had an outfit change) to go to Bass Pro Shop in Lawrenceville, right outside of Atlanta.

Silly boy with his candy cane from Santa...

He was a little hesitant to sit in his lap this year and held on to me tight, but at least they snapped a quick pic. Same expression, one year later! Hilarious.

Mr. Nosy wouldn't smile for a pic with mama because he was too worried about where Santa was going!

Then he proceeded to lay out across the buggy and sing "Wagon Wheel" for all the customers. Never a dull moment.

Listening to Santa. My favorite.

We had such a fun day and I love that we have started this tradition.
On Wednesday night, we enjoyed dinner at the Hite's house and Cade was loving the outdoor d├ęcor and nutcrackers. Again, doesn't take much to entertain this child.

Next I'll try to catch up from this weekend!

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