Christmas Part 2: Christmas Day!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Santa came!!!

Can you tell what Cade asked Santa for Christmas? 

Yep. A "trac trac"

Santa really didn't bring him too much else, because knew the tractor would be all he would play with. 

Santa was right.

First time laying eyes on his "trac trac"


Grami, Charles, Uncle Mack and Aunt Coco came over for brunch. 
Chad's parents and grandparents stopped by to see what Santa brought Cade too!

Cade was eager to show Coco his new shoes. The boy loooooves some shoes now.
He gets it honest.

One of his favorite things about his trac trac is that it has a real radio.
He loved dancing and jammin out to the radio inside until he could take it outside to ride it...

Finally taking it out for a spin. It goes so fast and has two settings!
He's going to put a lot of miles on this thing this Summer, we can already tell.

Almost forgot to check out his stocking...

After a full day of playing, we got ready to head over to Papa and Mimi's!

Here's an attempt at a pic of all four boys

Cade loved seeing baby Jesus and somehow managed to knock over a wise man....or two.

Mimi & Papa got him a guitar (or "pah-tar" as Cade says) like his daddy and he was obsessed. 
We will be singing "Wagon Wheel" for days...

They also got Cade a weedeater like daddy and Carter got a chainsaw. 
This goes nicely with the leaf blower Cade got Uncle Mack and Aunt Coco right? 
Do you guys see a trend? I'm thinking future landscaper. Yes. At least if for just our own yard one day. Training him up early...

Out of all the toys, he really just wanted his cousins new Muck boots.

ALL boy I tell ya.

Christmas went by so fast, Chad and I were both back at work the next day but we thoroughly enjoyed time with family, even if Cade still didn't feel 100%.

Now we are SO ready to ring in the new year and have exciting plans ahead. 
2013 has been great, but we think 2014 is going to be even better!
We're going to make sure of it.


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