2 months away from 2!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cade is 22 months today. Can not believe he will be TWO in just TWO short months. It's going to fly by just like it did last year and poof! - it will be time for his birthday.

Today I thought I would do a quick post of little things Cade has done or said over the past month or so. I try to keep this post saved in my drafts so I can jot down anything funny as it happens, but that's usually every day so I know I've missed a lot. 

- He loves to jump. He thinks it's a "trick" and says "Look at me! Look at me!" as he jumps like a kangaroo all across the room.

- a few nights ago he was playing a game on my iphone and all of the sudden blurted out "Aaaw man, I missed it"

- so yeah, he speaks full sentences now. When this started I can't remember - maybe a few weeks ago? but he talks. all. the. time.

- he also EATS all the time. I hope this is not a sign of teenage years, but I am scared I am in for it. I better start saving up for a major grocery bill. It's ridiculous. My friend Ruth saw first hand one day when she kept him for a few hours...Cade had to eat like every 30 minutes. He says "I HUNGY!". It's nonstop.

- He likes to get the Boogie Wipes and proceed to clean the floor (and the tables...and the rug...) with them. He also sweeps a lot. Boy loves to clean...and trust me, I have no idea where he gets it from. Not me!

- When the AMAs came on and these half-dresses girls came out on stage, Cade looked up and said "PREEEEEETY". Swear. I died.

- His favorite thing to do is watch Darius Rucker's Wagon Wheel video OR Husquarvarna informercials on YouTube. I can not make this up.

- Whenever we leave the house in the mornings, he tells everything "BYE!" and "LUB U!". Whenever we pick him up at Kim's, he tells everyone the same thing. Melts my heart.

- He's becoming more and more obsessed with his daddy. He IS still a mama's boy and wants me at night time or when he doesn't feel well, but oh my word is he head over heels for his daddy. He always wants to know "What daddy doin?" or "Where daddy" if Chad is at work or hunting. If you ask Cade "Where's daddy?" he immediately says "deer huntin". Hilarious. Chad has been picking Cade up almost everyday recently since I haven't had anyone to close at the store, so they are certainly the best of friends and gosh forbid mommy invades their "boy time". I'm outnumbered around here for sure.

- He loves to take baths and says "I wan' go shwimming" because every time he takes a bath, he immediately goes swimming in there as well. Then he doesn't want to get out. Ever.

- If he sneezes, he says "Blesssss-U". Oh and if he burps, he also says "Blessssss U"

- When you ask him "Where does mama work?", he says "Kisses!" I mean, gotta give him credit because he tried. In this house kisses = sugar and sugar = kisses so bless his heart, he doesn't understand. I think it's hilarious and the sweetest thing. Kisses it is!

- He had his first ear infection since his tubes were put in this past March. He had an awful cold and sure enough one ear was infected. He weighed in at that dr. appt a few weeks ago at 27 pounds and his shoe size is 6 1/2 wide, just to record on the ol' blog here.

-He still loves his puppy dog (his favorite stuffed animal). When he was sick, he wouldn't take his medicine unless "I gave it" to puppy dog first.

-  He is certainly Mr. Independent these days and has started saying "I DO IT!" He has also started using the word "NO!". Attitude. Whoah.

- He is very loving. Gives lots of hugs, all the time. He really is a loving child.

Again, there's so much that he says on a daily basis that either 1. blows me away 2. make me laugh my head off. I don't know where he gets this stuff, but this age is so much fun. I know he learns a lot from the older kids he stays with daily at Mrs. Kims. They are so smart and teach him lots! 

We are looking forward to a jam packed fun month ahead as we celebrate his second Christmas! This year he is really more into the Christmas lights, the concept of baby Jesus birthday (he loves the big nativity scene in front of Presbyterian church in Abbeville), presents, Santa Claus, etc... When you ask him what Santa Claus is bringing him, he says "Trac Trac" (tractor) everytime. Yeah, Santa better have a tractor under that tree I guess. More updates and fun Thanksgiving pics coming soon!

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