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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We had a busy Saturday! I was finally off for the day and we had a full day planned. 
First up, I helped out with a baby shower for one of my very best childhood friends. 
I've known her since she was born and we grew up in church together for 20 years. Seriously, the best of friends. From playing barbies, to having babies I can't believe how fast time has flown. 

I was ecstatic when she told me this Summer that her and Stephen were having a baby....AND the due date was my BIRTHDAY! Helloooo, best bday present ever! 

I can not wait to meet baby Elizabeth and have already had so much fun spoiling her rotten. 
She had a great shower and it's safe to say, the child already needs a bigger closet! 

After the baby shower, we caught the tail end of Hayden's first birthday party!
Can not believe he's already one. I feel like we were just at their house for the gender reveal. Seriously.

Cade decided to test out all of Hayden's new toys...
Oh how this boy loves a trac trac.

"What do you meeeeean this isn't my "fo' fo?'" (aka "four wheeler)

Isn't Hayden just the cutest thing? I could just eat him up. They all have the best time at Mrs. Kims everyday.

On days that I'm off, the last thing I want to do is make the 40-min-one-way drive back to Greenwood, BUT since I forgot my camera at the store and had photoshoots the next day, Chad and I decided to make it a fun night and take Cade to the japanese restaurant with Uncle Mack and Aunt Coco. Fun family night out. Here he is trying the shrimp for the first time
 (which he loved, just like his mama and daddy)

He was in awe the whole time...

and the child isn't scared of a thing, but definitely cringed a bit when they "made the fire"!

On Sunday I took photos of three sweet fams that I adore, then it was time for our own family Christmas card photos. Taken by my sister the photographer extraordinare {insert sarcasm here} All we wanted was one good pic for a Christmas card and of course 1. my outfit I had planned in my head did not look so great when I put it on, hence last minute wardrobe changes. No, like five minutes before I walked out the door I changed my mind and 2. my camera battery went dead and cut our photo session short. Oh well, typical us. At least we did manage to get one good one. 

Here's one that Court snapped on my phone. Nevermind the crazy highlights I got going on, but I do love this pic because it sums up exactly how I feel about this little nugget right here. 

pure. joy.

He is absolutely, 100% what Chad and I thank the Lord for every. single. day.

Operation "order Christmas cards" will begin after Black Friday. I'm signing off for the week as I finish editing all of my fun photoshoots, exhaust myself with Black Friday preparations, then take a fun night and Thanksgiving day to put all work aside and soak up every sweet minute with family. The store will be waiting on me Friday morning at 7am. 

If ya'll are in the area, you may just want to meet me there. It's going to be insane.

Insanely good

Happy Thanksgiving friends!!!!

"Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good" - Psalm 106:1

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