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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So our weekend didn't really go as planned. We had *planned* on going to the Carolina game, since we had tickets, but Chad found out a few weeks ago he would have to work every Saturday....starting this past Saturday. Um, no fun. Then I came down with an awful sickness on Friday so I just decided to stay at home and rest (and try to clean this house!) because after looking at my calendar, I quickly realized this would be the last "free Saturday" I would have until 2014. Eeeek.

Retail, people. Retail. 

So the highlight of our weekend was Emerson & Blakely's birthday party. Yes, they had a "tea party" for just a few girls last weekend, but this weekend was a fun party for all friends and family at their church. You think they love each other? Too sweet.

Cade had a ball on their big playground...

Cousins having fun. I've decided that even though Cade is almost two and Carter, almost three...
Cade is just as big as Carter and they look more like TWINS! Seriously. 
Every time they walk into a room and see each other, they hug. They are the sweetest little things.
The best of friends...or some may say "double trouble". Ha!

Monica with baby Hay Hay...his birthday is next :)

When Cade spotted Brantley (his older crush) it was all over. Here they are on the slide...

Sweet Emerson is FIVE! I can't believe it.

Love this pic of Hayden. Those eyes! 

Cade and his much-older-girlfriend again. Heehee

The Riddle Fam
Emerson (5) birthday is Oct 29 and Blakely's (3) is Nov 10th so they always have the best joint birthday parties. We sing happy birthday to each one, of course :)

Adore this sweet pic...

Time for presents...

aaaaand this is what Hayden thinks about it! 

I have enjoyed watching these sweet girls grow up. 
Happy Birthday Emerson & Blakely! Thank you for being such sweet friends to our Cade. We enjoyed the party and love you both oh so much!

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