halloween recap 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

So my camera died last night and I haven't been able to see the few pics I DID get with it before it conked. Therefore, an iphone halloween recap will suffice for now.

Our week leading up to Halloween was fun and Cade enjoyed trying on several hand-me-down costumes from his nephews and my bestie's boys. One night he tried on the dinosaur costume (just the top, never the pants) and proceeded to run around like crazy dancing. Totally normal for Halloween week right? Except this really happens every week in the McClain household. Never a dull moment...

Wednesday night we pulled out our Halloween treat boxes ($1.49 for 6 from Michael's. Side note: I forget about Michael's bc I go to Hob Lob so much, but they had amazing sales going on last week and the best stocking stuffers for $1-$2. More on that later) and made Reese's cookies to fill up the boxes for friends at Mrs. Kims! 

On Instagram, I did a little #tbt of Cade last Halloween morning and this Halloween morning.
Oh how time flies. He was ready for a fun day of all things spooky and sweet!

I zoomed home from work to get Cade ready and head over to Mimi & Papa's to begin the "trick or treating" and eat a quick dinner. Cade dressed up in one of the twin's costumes from four years ago, when they were two, so thank you Aunt Monk! It fit so perfect. I just can't believe it's been four years since I took this pic with these sweet babies...

fast forward to last night...

All we wanted was a big group picture of all five boys (Isbell three, Cade, and Hayden) but all they wanted to do was play...

This is the best I got, missing Carter - who was the cutest Mickey Mouse.

You all know I've mentioned before, we live out in the country so there's no door-to-door walking and trick or treating in neighborhoods. We just hit up the aunts & uncles houses and drive about 30-40 miles round trip. We ended up at my mom's where Aunt Coco was waiting. Isn't her costume "puuuuur-fect"? (Sorry, I can't help myself. Bah!) As if Halloween candy wasn't enough, Cade wanted a popsicle. This kid was JACKED up.

Finally, I also posted this on Insta last night so sorry for the repeat. Just one of those random pics Chad took right before we hopped in the car. The more I looked at it, the more I thought "ya know, I'm going to miss those little arms wrapping around my neck...messing up my hair...pulling at my earrings...smudging my makeup.... one day." As flustered as I get when in a hurry and on a mission to get somewhere, I know this pic is a reminder to never get so busy "being on a mission" and "trying to do as planned" and just soak up every sweet moment as it is happening, because day I'm going to wish I was hurrying to get in a car...bags falling out of my arms...trying my best to hold this 27 pound sack of sugar as he presses that sweet little face to mine. Looking back now, I could just eat it up. What simple sweetness. All I need in life. Hope to frame this as a daily reminder.

Today marks the first day of November and I hope this month we all reflect on what we are most grateful for and have a thankful November. More posts coming soon!

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