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Friday, November 22, 2013

Real quick, just a fun post today with five pins I am loving lately.

// one //

This really is a pin I pinned this week. Swear. It's our Winter Ice Blouse silk blouse by Julie Brown and I am in love! Perfect for NYE, which btw - to all my peeps out there - I'm thinking we need to go ahead and plan something NOW because every time NYE rolls around, we have nothing planned and scrounge around to find something fun to do. Any ideas?

// two //

Fell in love with this kitchen this week (along with plenty others I need to print and put in a "new house inspiration binder". Yeah, it will probably be 2014 before I have time for that)

// three //

Going to have to jump on the bandwagon and get some of these adorable monogram mugs from Anthropologie. How great are these for Christmas gifts? I want! I want!

// four //

Really want to try this over our mantle this year. We don't decorate around here until after Thanksgiving, so hopefully I won't have TOO bad of a "Black Friday hangover" on Saturday/Sunday and I can whip something up. After watching Clemson/Carolina game that is (can not believe we are near the end of football season. Didn't it just start?)

// five //

This quote. Amazing. That is all.

Fun weekend planned with baby showers, birthday parties, and the last of my Fall photosessions, including my own family finally. Will have to share a sneak peek next week.
Have a good one!

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  1. NYE...come to Greenville...we'll party like it's 2008 again. I'll get Cam, Kelly, and B-rad on board. ;)


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