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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We had a very productive weekend. You know those weekends where you feel like you really accomplished a lot? Yeah. That happened. Which was good because with the stomach bug last weekend I felt like I got zero done. So to kick off this weekend I stopped back by a new antique store in Abbeville that I had visited with my mom last weekend quickly after getting Cade's haircut. The farmhouse pendant light was still there...for $ I just had to buy it. I told Chad it was for our new house one day. He just looked at me like I had three heads. 

Then I showed him that this was my inspiration and he said he liked it...
I'm definitely going to spray paint it. Maybe black, silver or even a swanky gold?
[FYI: these similar farmhouse pendants retail for $69 at Shades of Light]

or maybe a bright punch pink or even green in a future laundry room or entryway? Love this.

Friday night I met up with my bestie Ruth for dinner and it was fabulous. It was past time we caught up and indulge ourselves in appetizers, huge entrees, AND dessert! Oops.

On Saturday I had planned on painting one of my grandparent's dining room tables to use as a display table at Sugar. I had priced retail tables, $200 + and even spotted one at Target that would work for $150. Yet when I saw the dining room table my Papa had, I knew that with a $13 can of high gloss black paint, I could make the table glam.

While I was at it, I picked up a color called Azure Snow (light grey/blue) at Lowe's to paint two end tables he had too. I've got one in my Sugar window right now and this one I hope to use in our future house as well. The color turned out great. Love bringing life back into these old pieces that had seen better days...

Here's the dining room table...from drab...

to FAB!

These pics are out of order, but as for Cade, he had a great time going out to eat Friday night with Charles & Grami. They even made it to the hunting section and found Cade this fake bird. 

The fake bird that had to take a bath with him Saturday night AND get pajamas on. 
Seriously I could not have laughed any harder.
This is his "mama, don't even THINK about taking my bird" look.

In between all that Saturday, I attended my cousin's afternoon outdoor wedding. Whew, yes busy weekend. But oh, was it such a gorgeous weekend! Beautiful weather.

 Sunday we made plans to get the table I painted AND the new Ikea desk I bought months ago (but Chad just put together this weekend. PTL. He is a rock star because this is the sixth major piece of Ikea furniture he's put together and every time he says he'll never do it again) over to Sugar.

We did a MAJOR haul on my back office (which also has way too much stored back there). As bad as I wanted to paint it first, there just wasn't enough time. So it stays the bright teal. For now. We organized so much, rearranged and put in the new desk. I LOVE IT!

Next up, the gallery wall and more pics to share!

After a long day at Sugar, I took Cade over to my friend Sarah's where Sweetbef came too and I FINALLY meet sweet baby Cameron. This is the baby shower I missed last weekend due to the stomach bug, and this is also the friend who had her baby at 33 weeks before her shower. Thanks for all the prayers. Mommy, Daddy and baby are all doing great.

He is only 4 lb 11 oz now but he is doing amazing and is every bit of perfection. 
Seriously he is like a little doll. THE cutest little thing ever.

 Cade was just as in love as I was and kept saying "Shhhh baby" and "Night Night Baby" since he wanted to get in the crib with him.

So glad I finally got to see him in person. This is the first of many visits :) 

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