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Thursday, October 17, 2013

On Sunday Cade felt SO much better, had not had a fever since Friday and his croup cough was really gone! I had bought advanced tickets for the state fair at the beginning of the week (like a dummy. never again) so that me, Cade, my mom (who is off every Friday) and her bf Charles (also happened to be off that weekend) could go to the fair on Friday, but since Cade was sick we did no such thing. They have helped me so much at Sugar lately and love spending time with Cade, so I thought since Chad had to work it would be perfect me to treat them to a "fair day" with Cade! (a.k.a. y'all know I couldn't handle this youngin' at the myself. Uh, no) So we finally decided to go down for just a few hours Sunday so my tickets didn't go to waste. Also my best friend from college was in Cola for work so she met us too for a bit. It was so good to catch up!

The first thing Cade wanted to do was "ride horsey". Then he proceeded to scream bloody murder when it was time to get off. Oy boy.

I also have video of him saying "I wan' go FASTER!" He seriously didn't think the horsey was going fast enough, meanwhile mama over here was about to fall out from being so dizzy and going round and around fifty times. Plenty fast enough for me son!

Then he saw a tractor and it was ALL OVER.

 He didn't want to get off...

Next we made our way to the "petting zoo". 

Oh Cade was not shy at all, he wanted to get IN with the animals.

and started telling secrets to the donkey. (????)

We went to see and pet the {stinky} moo cows and I think my face says it all. Bleh. 
I'm so not good with animals...

Off to try a few more rides, even though he was too small to ride many and kept getting mad and crying because he wanted to ride EVERYTHING.

We rode this little car ride and as you can see, daredevil over there was trying to stand up. 
Guess it didn't go fast enough either...

He loved riding the little choo choo train and finally we rode the kiddie rollercoaster. 
Again, fearless and thought it was the best thing ever!!

Next year I will be glad he can ride more rides and ride them by himself! 
We had a fun time but I was wore out from prying him off the rides, pouring hand sanitizer on his hands a million times and eating too many funnel cakes, corn dogs, and elephant ears!
Until next year...

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  1. the donkey secrets tears emoji! and bless little cade...I can see him trying to climb IN those cages with the animals.


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