Southern Living All American Cottage...and a vision!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

You ever have such a clear vision about something, that you can see it so vividly, it nearly comes to life right before your eyes?  That's how I feel whenever we ride by our lot that we will eventually build day. Right now it's just a piece of land, but in my mind, when I look at it, I see much more than four walls and a house. I see a HOME, our home, with kids playing outside with our black lab Cash, friends and family scurrying in with covered pot dishes coming over to visit, Christmas tree lit up in the window during the holidays. Sigh

It's nice to dream about these things isn't it? For me, it's the best motivation.
Motivation to work hard to provide a simple, loving, new home for our family.

One night last week (before Cade got terribly sick) we rode over to the land on a family friend's Badboy golf cart. Cade had the best time. It really is the simplest things that make this kid happy. Anything with wheels, and he's good.

We were just riding over checking it out since it was freshly cut, and we loosely began to envision where we thought we could see ourselves putting a house, driveway, etc... I suppose this is the first step for "our plans". You know how I feel about those. We aren't too good with them, but last time I checked building a new house takes a WHOLE lot of planning so I better get with it. Umm yeah.

My vision would be something like this and I'm glad the hubs and I are on the same page.
We are so opposite in so many ways, but good grief the Lord knew what he was doing!
We read each other's minds most of the time. It's crazy.

and our minds are thinking something classic, cozy, Farmhouse/cottage-inspired, and simple.

See!  This house right here speaks to me and has loads of character combined with an effortless simplicity that makes it a dream house for me. Swoon!

So all that dreaming hodge-podge to the side for the bit until I actually have some realistic plans to report back to you all on here. What I really wanted to do is share another house that I adore and gives us inspiration when thinking of a new home. It's Southern Living's 2013 "All-American Cottage" Idea Home built nearby in Greenville, SC (off Verdae St). 

If someone said they would build me this house on the land we already have, I would say "When can you get started?" Love everything about it!

It really is all about the details. Chad is a bit scared because I am SOOO into the teeniest tiniest details!
Don't you have to be though?

A big ol' Southern porch to rock and swing babies
 (and grandbabies if we are in that particular house long enough) is a must!

We are so fortunate to have the most amazing antiques from my wonderful grandparents, whom I adored, practically helped raise us, but unfortunately are no longer with us. Words can't describe how much I miss them and think about them. So to me, they are absolute treasures and I wouldn't trade these pieces of furniture for the world!! It's like having a little bit of my grandparents in my home. I can't wait to have room for even more one day. 

I love how they incorporated old antiques in a brand new house.

Never thought about using my old Singer sewing machine as a nightstand but I love this!

Again, old meets new in this stunning home, from the plank walls to the reclaimed brick fireplace to the furniture.

This subway tile shower gets me every. single. time. 

details, details people.

Cozy cottage kitchen. I will admit, I'd love a little more modern kitchen than this but again if someone said they'd build me this one, I would fall out in the floor. It's still gorgeous. I'll take it in a heartbeat, yes please and thank you.

Chad's only request is a big back porch to gather friends, watch football games, and socialize! 
Wouldn't this screened in porch here be nice?

Not sure if we will have stairs or not, but my word...gorgeous.

Again, as you can tell, I'm anxiously waiting for someone to come along and tell me they'll just build me this house for FREE.


I could sit out here with family and friends forever...

So there's the quick tour of the Southern Living Idea House and what inspires me when thinking about a new home. I'm still mad I didn't drive up when it was open for tours. Has anyone else seen the house in person? What inspires you when it comes to home decor and planning for renovations or a new house?


  1. Our taste in design & decor are right on! I love the idea of the old Singer as a side table! I have a ton of antiques from my grand parents, great grand parents & my mom - I love them all so much! And like you, I need more space to use them all! It's so exciting that you're in the beginning stages of making your dream a reality!!

    1. yes, yes it is! Prayers that we can really make it happen :) I do love me some antiques though, have mercy...I'm going to be that "antique roadtrippin junkie lady" one day. Can't wait!! ha!


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