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Monday, October 28, 2013

My weekend started off right when the new boxes of Lilly Pulitzer Resort began trickling in at Sugar on Friday. So much more goodness to come. I'll have to do a full recap soon!

I also had to work on Saturday, but this time for my sister at Voila! Yes, I paid someone to work in my store so I could work for her. Sisterly love, I tell ya. She'd do the same for me.

I was so excited that this little cutie and his mama stopped by to see me...
Cameron is the sweetest thing, oh my gosh he almost gives me baby fever again!!

But then I come home to this little hunk of love and remember how I have my hands full with just ONE. Here he is in his new big boy bed, which he is still adjusting too. (A.K.A. wakes up in middle of the night and I have to go lay down with him) We are getting there. Slowly but surely.
For now, if I seem a bit more tired during the day it's because I'm squeezing in a twin bed between a 20 month old and a bed rail. Fun times, but I secretly don't mind cuddling with him, 
even if just for just a little bit.

Saturday night after work, I cooked dinner and had the in laws over, then while watching that nail-biting, heart attack giving Carolina game, worked on a few DIY projects for a friend (and to use at Sugar) who was giving her girls a princess tea party on Sunday. I jumped at the opportunity to create all things pink and glittery.

After church Sunday we had a yummy lunch at Grami's house.
This little punkin' had the best time at Mimi & Papa's Friday night then Grami's house on Sunday. He seriously is blessed with the best grandparents ever. We don't know what we would do without them! 

Sunday afternoon it was time to photograph the princess tea party! 
Since there was "a real princess" showing up at the party, I had to make sure there were pics of the princess with all the girls. I was happy to help! Emerson and Blakely stay with Cade (and yes, he is in love with them) every day at Mrs. Kim's, I've been friends with their mom since high school and I love doing stuff for them because with three nephews and one boy of my own, that's how my sis-in-law (bff with mom Beth since elementary all the way up to college roomies) get our girl fix! I love buying them lots of pink and spoiling them! They are the sweetest. Here's how the glitter dipped mason jars turned out at the party...

Since I was already in Abbeville for the princess party, I scooted over to Trinity Street for a fun photoshoot of this cutie pie. In effort to capture this fun age (3), they wanted to try for a portrait that captured his personality and I was up for the challenge. I took so many pics and little Mason was such a great sport! This is one of my favorites...

More pics to come from the weekend but that's all for now. We definitely enjoyed the gorgeous weather this weekend and look forward to a fun HALLOWEEN week and the first weekend of November coming up next. Y'all, can you even believe it????

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  1. all three of my favorite baby boy's all in one post! heart. melted.


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