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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

So for starters, THIS happened on Friday.

Yes, those are the lamp post outside of Sugar being wrapped in garland and topped with a big red CHRISTMAS bow. It's not even Halloween people! 

I seriously couldn't believe my eyes. I know we begin decorating our stores in two weeks, but before Halloween? No. I can't. 

After working all week, it was back to ATL early Saturday for a day of more Spring orders! 
Luckily my friend Beth rode along with me so I wouldn't be alone. 

I absolutely loved some of the new styles from Karlie that will arrive from now until Christmas...

This jacket has to be mine...

Fun aztec sequin skirts?? A must for the holiday season!

LaRoque Spring was gorgeous. I'm a sucker for gingham!

Jude Connally looked great as always too...

After a jam packed day of ordering, we left market and stopped back by the outlets in Commerce on the way home. We needed to get the kiddos jammies and such. Also had great coupons to use. I couldn't get over the cuteness for baby girls at The Gap outlet...

We snagged lots of good deals for the kiddos, and our men decided to take all three kids out to eat by themselves. I would have loved to have been a fly on that wall. When I got home Cade was covered in cheese dip! HA They tried. 

I was exhausted but never too tired to cuddle with this silly little lovebug...

On Sunday I took pics of cousin Hayden, who is turning ONE in a month! Seriously I feel like I was just taking his newborn pics. I can't get over how fast he has grown up. Those eyes! He is just darling...

After pics, we took the kids to Hardy Berry Farm in Anderson. 

"You see that trac trac Hay Hay?" (what they call Hayden)

Cade sure does love his buddy Hayden, but Hayden's face in this pic kills me. Hilarious!

Fun on the see-saw with mama!

photo op with sweet Emerson...

and a walk through the corn maze with sweet Blakely! Melt. my. heart.

and of course all Cade wanted to do was push the double stroller loaded down with ALL the diaper bags! HA!

We enjoyed swinging!

and Cade especially loved the big slide, the trac trac hayride and corn maze! 
It was a nice Sunday Funday.

Last, but not least, I snapped this pic last night. Our BIG BOY sleeping in his BIG BOY BED!
On a whim, I painted his room last weekend and finally got his room situated like I wanted it this week.
I even spent hours last night organizing his Fall clothes, closet and chest of drawers. 

I just can't believe how BIG he is getting and will be TWO in four short months.
We love this age. He constantly keeps us laughing and is just the sweetest thing. We really want to soak in every sweet second and only wish I could bottle up this "almost two" goodness and keep it forever.
Sure, I should stay home and clean house on Sundays...maybe I should even begin getting serious about picking out a house plan and getting info to the builder...but you know what? If Sunday is the only full day I have to spend with my boy, you better believe I'm spending every single minute with him from sun up to sun down. Everything else can wait. We will never get this time back. 
Soak it up. Take it all in. Life is too short and too too sweet not to!


  1. I can't believe they're already putting out Christmas decorations!! :( I love the aztec poncho & skirt! So, so cute!! Cade is just precious!!!


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