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Monday, October 14, 2013

Been a while since I posted and for good reason. The wee one has been sick for almost a full week now and it has not been fun. Miserable for both my sweet baby AND mommy/daddy. He is definitely a TON better now and we are slowly getting back to normal around these parts, so for now here's an iPhone dump of a few pics from last weekend. I'll continue more updates throughout the week so my blog scrapbook doesn't miss too much! 

So I've asked my husband for a few antlers to decorate a bit in our house, but when I came to him asking for ALL of his deer antlers to use for my swanky store window display, his jaw hit the floor. He certainly didn't understand how "woodland creatures" and "stags" were Fall fashion trends for 2013.
Look, I don't make the trends up people. I just sell them. 

I sent him a picture a few weeks ago of a deer head whimsical open cardigan I ordered for the store. There was also a duck sweater. Legit, a big duck...on the front of a sweater. I passed on that one, but I still sent him the pic just to see what he would say. Yep, I knew I would get a reaction out of that one so as expected, he texts me back...typical male, mind you...

"I don't get it. What dude is going to walk into a bar and say "Oh I like that girl with the deer head sweater on. Yeah, you know right next to the girl with a big duck on her shirt" 


I know the trend may not be for everyone, but personally I have loved some of the ways some designers have incorporated the stag print. Elizabeth McKay, for instance. Killed it. 

I am loving this silk ruffle Elizabeth Blouse!

available at Sugar
Here's how I incorporated the hubs' antlers into my window display to join in on this fun Fall trend, 
both in fashion and home decor!

See, notice the deer on her tank? Another great way to join in on the trend. Available ins store and over at Sugar's website. I also can't get enough of the owl and fox prints! Woodland creatures are out and about everywhere in the fashion world. Give it a try!

Last Friday night we participated in Uptown Greenwood's "Grape Stomp", a fun wine walk that is held Uptown in the Spring and Fall. We are one of the stops and the wine they gave us was Hob Nob Wicked Red. I whipped up this cheese ball and served my mother in law's famous pound cake too because I couldn't let customers leave without a sweet treat!

I'm always scared about the wine that's selected for us to serve each year. Last year ours was AWFUL but this year everyone seemed to love it. We had the best crowd yet. Fun times and thank you Sweetbef for helping me too!

It was my sister's first time to participate in the Grape Stomp. She had live models and an acoustic guitar singer in her store, Voila! Oh and photo props. Gotta love it.

You can find the dress I have on HERE.
Sugar's live models were pretty awesome too...

On Saturday we enjoyed watching the Carolina game at a friend's house while Cade had a fun sleepover at Grami's! This was right before we left when he snuck and got a mouthful of the leftover pound cake.


So this was all before he started feeling bad...more updates of last week and when it all went South :\ Just so thankful he's feeling better now! Cheers to a happy, healthy week (so far).

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