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Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Friday y'all!
:: one ::

Well, I did it. I purchased my first Christmas presents from Vineyard Vine's recent "Extra 30% OFF sale items" sale. Seriously, such amazing deals. $9 t-shirts!! I swear I didn't buy THAT much, but I did select that they were gifts so I guess that meant putting each little teeny tiny VV shirt for all these sweet boys I buy for, into individual VV gift boxes! Hey, I can't complain because now I have plenty of awesome gift boxes but I had to laugh at the amount of boxes that came. Another one even came today! 

:: two :: 

Something else that came is the long awaited Kate Spade "Things We Love" coffee table book. I am going to sell these now at Sugar and can't wait to get the Kate Spade paper & gift line in as well. I just love the look of this book and all the pretty pages inside. Obsessed.

:: three :: 

Speaking of Sugar, remember when I Instagrammed a pic of me trying on this amazing jacket at market. Well, it's here at the store now and it. is. amazing. Oh and less than $100! Such a great find for Fall. You'll love it. 

:: four :: 

Also, if you follow me on Pinterest, then you know last night I went on a "pinning binge" (I do this often. Am I the only one who does? Not pin anything for a while then binge and pin like crazy all at once?) When dreaming about building and customizing our future home, I can't help but to think about what ranks right up there with my "New House Top 3 Must Haves" and that, my friends, is one. big. closet. We have finally chosen a plan we love but hope to make several changes and pair it with the exterior of another house we like, therefore we will have the plans drawn up for us (actually we come out cheaper doing this). So I began ever so slightly widening out the dimensions of my master closet (because I can, it just takes away from the storage space in garage. Who needs that? ;) and when I showed it to Chad his response was (as expected) "Sandi. That is a bit ridiculous". Helloooo... no, no it's not. My job is to dress others well, and to do so I have to dress myself well, so you better believe my top priority is to have a well organized, easy to navigate master closet that's easy on the eyes, but also easy on our wallet. After all, we're ballin on a budget over her, but I can't wait to get started. This is my "dream closet" right here and inspiration, but I am determined that you can accomplish a well organized, beautiful closet and NOT break the bank. It's going to be a challenge. I am just going to have to be very creative...and I'm ok with that. Bring it on.

:: five :: 

While I was on my "pinning binge", I stumbled across this quote and did a quick "mmmhmmm" to myself. This is just so true!! I want to shake those people who always focus on the negative in their lives, when their lives are soooo not that bad, and make them realize that it could always be worse. Be appreciative of what you have, because if you always focus on the negative and things you "hate", then you will never, ever, be satisfied or happy. Life isn't perfect. Contentment is a blessing. It's also a way of life. Live it.

Hope everyone has a HAPPY, blessed weekend!


  1. I am dying laughing at what Chad told you about your dream closet! LOL! It is true, one who dresses others must look well dressed herself! I think they way you bargain shop for things that you'll be able to pull off a fab closet on your budget... whatever it is!! (That's also how I justify shopping to my husband, because I rarely buy anything full price & when it comes to furniture I love to refinish & repurpose things!! So, it's a win/win!)

    1. Yes we are the same person!!!! Exactly how I feel. Now to start saving up :) HA!

  2. hello precious mama! are you the cutest thing ever or what?! popped on over from the linkup and now excited to be a new follower!! yippee! girl, i am all about learning from you Jesus loving mamas before i become one someday kinda far away! :) cannot wait to read more, lady!!! and that jacket from your boutique!?! SWOON. so simple yet so FIERCE! love it!!!


  3. well aren't you the sweetest! Thanks for following along and I'll have to go join your blog too :) Happy Monday!

  4. Have you ever looked on It's like Pinterest for everything home/design. Most of the stuff on Pinterest comes from this site. WARNING: it will take up hours of your time!! Haha

    1. YES! It is beyond addictive. I have a secret house board FULL of pics! BAHAHA


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