football, surprises, and doves...oh my!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

yep folks, that pretty much summed up our fabulous long weekend. 

As mentioned in previous post (and I know y'all are tired of hearing about it), I've been working my fanny off lately with all of the amazing new styles that arrive daily at Sugar. It is prime Fall season and I love opening all of the new boxes everyday! So exciting!!!

But I also love a Saturday off, which this past Saturday was my first Saturday off since before vacation, but more on that later. Let's start our "weekend recap" by backing up to last Thursday. 

A glorious day. 

The day the Carolina Gamecocks played a mighty good game of football against UNC. 

I rocked my garnet and black all day...

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 We went over to one of Chad's buddies' bachelor pads to watch the game with a few friends. Cade was looking at Brantley like "Booooy, you got on the wrong shirt" Heehee!

Friday after work Courtney and I met my mom, Charles and Megan at our local Mexican restaurant, our favorite. This is just one of the many looks we get from this kid...never a dull moment.

Saturday I was BEYOND excited to have a day off. You have no idea. Cade and I slept in, ate cinnamon rolls, cleaned house a bit then I got ready after lunch. Around 3ish Chad and I took him over to Mimi & Papa's while we went to a friend's house to help set up for a surprise birthday party for THIS GIRL...

my bestie Ruth!
 (in middle. shown here with sister Rebecca. I mean you'd never know that was her sister. They look nothing alike ;) 

(even if Clemson did end up beating Georgia)
and the party definitely deserves it's own post, so Ill have much more on that later!

Sunday night we didn't have to get to bed early bc of no work Monday, so we enjoyed a low country boil with family and friends...a couple of new friends too, Gerald and LeAnn Swindle . Gerald is in the Bassmaster Elite series with Casey, Chad's bff and like a brother to Chad/Monica, and he also has hunting shows on Outdoor Channel (which Chad and Cade watch religiously) so Gerald and his wife Leann came in town for the weekend for the big dove shoot Monday.
Yes, apparently it's that big of a deal.

Note Cade's favorite hat IS his Bassmaster hat his Mimi & Papa gave him...

So on to Monday and the opening day of dove season. Y'all. You have no idea how much my husband, father in law and friends prepare for this day. There are two months out of the year when I don't see Chad much... 

April and September. 

The beginning of turkey season and dove season. 

He preps and plans this dove field with his friends like none other. Hour after hour, day after day after day. Chad and his buddies were like kids on Christmas Eve Sunday night. They even had custom camo t-shirts made for the event, I kid you not!!!! It was too funny, but that puts me and some of my girlfriends officially members of the "Hunting Widows Club" for the next few weeks.

The kids were super excited too. My six year old nephews Jackson and Maddox LOVE IT! They are at the age they truly know what's going on and race to pick up the doves (gross, I know) during the shoot. I've never seen so many trucks, guns, camo, and four wheelers in my life...

This is how we roll in the country y'all.

The beloved dove field. That's Chad's sister and husband's big pretty house in the background. They get to see the process from start to finish because hello, it's in their front yard. They swear they are going to lose a window one day! I would not doubt it. Watch out!

So we had lunch then while the men shot doves, the women (and wee ones) soaked in some rays in Mimi & Papa's pool! Baby Hayden experienced his first dove shoot. I'd say he loved it...

but the 100 degree weather (well, that's what it felt like) didn't stop Cade from wearing his overalls and camo. He also had his Cabela's toy gun sweet Beth and Blake and girls gave him for Christmas! He goes around saying "pow pow" and Chad seriously can not WAIT until Cade can participate in dove shoots. I remind him it will be a while. A long while.

Diva Blakely (who seriously makes camo look chic with pink cowboy boots) and Cade checking on the dove buckets.

For dinner Big Cain (my father in law) cooked ribs, pork loin, the works. It was a fun (but HOT) day and after I spent several hours literally chasing Cade, I called it a night around 7:30 and came home. I think Cade and I were in the bed by 9:30. Exhausted, but oh-so-much-fun.

Now, cheers to a short work week and me having another Saturday off. Hooray!!

One thing to add...

One of my very best friends went into labor this morning at 33 weeks. They attempted to keep her from dilating any further, but she's now at 8cm so baby Cameron is on the way. Please say a quick prayer for baby and family!

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