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Friday, September 20, 2013

:: one ::

I need to think about getting my Sugar store windows ready for October and Halloween! Can you believe it's almost October? This year I really want to spraypaint a ton of pumpkins pink for our Lilly Pulitzer window, plus it will tie in with Breast Cancer Awareness month. Question is, do I spray paint real ones and throw away end of season, or just go ahead and spend more money on fake ones to spray paint and reuse every year. Real or fake? What do you think?

:: two ::

As promised, I'll post about our recent Ballard Backroom visit on Monday, so stop back by. I've got more pics and the lowdown on what we purchased! 

You better believe I'm going back with an SUV to get these Macau chairs that were at an amazing price

:: three ::

Couldn't resist posting this pic of my sweet boy this week. I am SO bad about using only my iPhone for pics now and never pulling back out my big camera. A few nights ago he was fresh out of the bath and in the best mood (even if he was crushing his poor puppy by sitting on him). Is there anything better than a baby lotion scented, soft skinned baby in pjs? I know every age is sweet and has it's own perks, but I LOVE this fun age he is at and want to savor every little bit of him being a "baby". Can't believe he will be TWO soon!

:: four ::

Fall is in full swing at Sugar and these new styles are killing me. I want each and every one! 
Head on over to to see all of the new arrivals this week. 
My closet is definitely going to be inundated with even more leopard print this season.

:: five ::

I'm also getting a post together for next week to share some very exciting news going on in the McClain household! [disclaimer: no, I'm not prego. If I don't put that my mom will call me within a few minutes of me posting this post. Bah!] However, the Lord has been doing some pretty amazing things lately so I'll have to fill you all in soon. It's so wild that when you "let go and let God",  He just works everything out...
all in good time...

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


  1. spray paint fake ones. save some $$. :)

    love that sweet boy. so glad I got to see him yesterday even if that meant I didn't get to see you. :(


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