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Monday, September 9, 2013

This year has been the year of CELEBRATIONS!


Feb: Cade's first birthday party

April: Sugar's 5th birthday bash

May: Chad's 30th birthday party & Rebecca's (Ruth's sister) 40th bash

June: Beth, Kelly & Dev's 30th Charleston weekend

August: Ruth's 30th surprise party

So much fun! I have loved every minute of it.
You know I love a good party and reason to celebrate. Even if it's just last minute and thrown together!
I'll take any excuse to get together with family and friends and have a good time.

So August rolled around quick and the 31st was my bff Ruth's 30th.

We've been friends since 8th great. So we are both 30 (ok, I got 4 months) and we've been friends for HALF OF OUR LIFETIME. 15 years! 

We share so many memories. From her and I sitting on her parent's couch glued to the TV after school September 11th 2001 ... to being in each other's weddings....watching our boys grow up together...and everything in between. She's been by my side through a LOT!

us at 16, year 2000 and then 29 in 2013

Her husband, sister and I (along with the help of plenty other friends) came up with a small party for everyone to get together and since most all of them are Clemson fans (not me guys) it was the perfect night since it was the first Clemson game!
Some of our friends just built an amazing house that has a basement with projector screen tv, and two flat screens. Perfect place for a par-tay and watch football. They were so gracious to host!

It was a sweet "Sugar filled" birthday...

I was nervous she had a clue about what was going on, but here she is walking in... 

Ruth and Julie - high school besties and college roomies at Erskine.
I love this pic!!

add me into the mix and you've got the DHS Cheer Captain (Ruth) and co-captains (me and Julie) circa 2001. Wow. The three amigos. Time flies.

Ruth and Carrie, hostess with the mostess! Again, their house was the perfect spot for the party. The guys smoked a couple Boston butts and we had all the trimmings. It was delish!

some of the ladies....
Yeah, funny story about those balloons you see everywhere. Try fitting 30 balloons INTO A CAMRY! My life. A Clemson fan had to help me and he was majorly confused and said " know you have a Carolina sticker on your car!?" As if I didn't realize that yes, I'm a Carolina fan fitting 30 huge purple and orange balloons into my car. Bah!
The balloons had pics of Ruth from childhood to now. So fun!

Ruth and her 6'3 hubs Brandon. Just a bit of a height difference...
They've been together for nearly as long as Ruth and I have been friends. Almost 13 or 14 years, something like that. High school sweethearts, married in 2006 and now have two sweet boys, Logan & Brantley!

The birthday girl can have her (cup) cake and eat it too!

Again, SO much fun with high school buddies, her sweet Erskine pals, and new friends too! We all had a blast and the Clemson fans were oh-so-happy for that win. 

Now it's off to plan the next party right!? 

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