Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cade is 19 months as of yesterday.

and I just thought he was a handful several months ago!

This really is such a fun age. He is into everything. Also talking SO much and every day it seems he learns to say something new. He is like a little parrot, repeating everything we say.

Some of his favorite phrases...

"I'ount some" (I want some)

"I seeepy" (I sleepy)

"I'ownt Trac Trac" (I want to watch Tractor videos)

"Ahhh-si-cle" (wants popsicle. he's obsessed and will eat as many in a row as you will let him)

"Wha' dada dooooone?" (what's daddy doing?)

"I'ownt LIE it" (I dont like it)

"Fo fo" (four-wheeler)

"Bell Bon-nie" (belly button. Yeah.)

"Where dada gooooo?" or "Where puppy gooooo?" or "Where trac trac gooooo?" and he puts those little hands out like he doesn't know where they are. Yes, this happens about 234987235 times a day. It's hilarious, I can't get enough.

"I huuuuuut" (I hurt. Then proceeds to show us his foot where he got ant bite like 3 weeks ago. Still traumatic I suppose)

"I hun-geee" (when he's hungry) or "I'ownt nack" when he wants snack. If you don't give him what he wants, well he has a temper tantrum and says "I'ownt hab it" (I want have it)! Oh boy. He does know how to say "Peeze" if you ask him "Cade, what do you say?" when he asks for something.

"Wan-mow-ah" - (lawnmower) which he is obsessed with.

If he wants us to look at something, no matter if it's a piece of dirt in the floor or a truck going down the road he gets really excited and says "LOOK MA-MA!" or "LOOK DA-DA!" Oh and he will not stop until you look.

If he hears something loud, no matter what it is - he shouts - "thun-duh"!! He also perks up when hears thunder and says "TORMIN!"

The other night I sighed after I ate too much and said "Ohhhhh me!" and without skipping a beat, Cade said "ohhhhh me".

Other funnies is now he says "Chaaaaad" when yelling for Chad, not calling him daddy. If you ask him "Where daddy go?" He says "Grass" (cutting grass, which he always does) If you ask him "Where mama go?" He replies "Weerrrk" (because yes, I'm always at work. Bless. We gotta work on this)

He found one of Chad's fishing worms and started yelling "NAKE!" NAKE!" thinking it was a snake. Instead of being scared of it, oh no, Cade proceeded to pick it up and come taunt me with it making a hissing noise! I mean really!?!? Now it's a game. He tries to chase me with the "nake".

He also has a very dramatic fake laugh. Well, I think it is. But a lot of times when he does something funny and I laugh, he does it again then laughs to mimic me. Yeah, reaaaaal funny Cade. He is very animated if you can't tell.

He's pretty good at sharing (notice I said pretty good. Not real good) but just tonight he was eating Goldfish and came all the way over and said "Here mama!" and shoved some in my mouth. Sweetness.

He now RUNS. Not walks, but runs and when he turns around and realizes I'm chasing him (like legit chasing him, when he's out of control running wild in the yard ... or a store) he will start running faster! Y'all. I mean I know I really never run (or exercise for that matter), but you would think I could run faster than a toddler. I DO catch him, but seriously HE IS my exercise. 24/7.

He also LOOOOVES to dance. Always has. Several weeks ago we were watching Country's Night to Rock and I got video of him seriously getting down to Carrie Underwood's performance. I mean, his little hand went up in the air, foot stomping, booty shaking. What. can. I. say?

Temper tantrums. Oh they are happening. I guess we are well on our way to the "terrible twos" if not already there. He has done the ol' "lay down and cry until I get my way" fit and he has lashed out and hit me in my face when he's mad. Oh the temper is there. Well aware of it.

Yet also last night when I told him to go tell daddy "night night", he ran over to Chad gave him the biggest hug and kiss goodnight. Every morning when I wake up and get him out of his crib, he wraps those little arms so tight around my neck. It is by far the sweetest part of my day. He snuggles with us on the couch to watch TV, he looks at me sometimes, pats my face and says "Loooooove mama" and I know right then that all the exhausting chasing...the embarrassing temper tantrums...all disappear. I sit and watch him sleep sometimes. I just want him to stay our sweet baby forever.

So I guess I could go on and on, but I had to jot down some of these cute "Cade-isms" before I forgot them! We go for his 18 month check up next week so I'll have to report back with his stats. Right after I shed a tear after the realization that he's not so much a baby anymore! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

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  1. I miss that big boy so much! when's our next slumber party?! (i'm not kidding)


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