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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Monday morning I left for Atlanta to attend market. Except this time I wasn't technically the buyer, I was just tagging along with my sister, who now owns Voila! Bridal and Formal. This was the first VOW Market she has attended, showcasing anything and everything bridal, and I was excited to help! My pics are a little out of order, but since I was at the mart for VOW, I made plans with my rep to order Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2014 (ok, so maybe I was the buyer for just a little bit). This is the only sneak peek I can give, but it definitely looks fabulous. I'm glad they cut back a little so the line wasn't SO extremely overwhelming with a million different styles of dresses in a million different prints and they focused more on their sportswear, which seems to be selling the best for us (a.k.a. we had dresses left over but we couldn't keep our Elsa tops, Callahan shorts, and easy knit dresses/tops in stock!) I'm super excited about Resort that arrives late October. OMG. Y'all. It is ridiculously gorgeous. Probably my favorite of the year!

After we ordered Spring, we attended a fun little reception and met other bridal/formal boutique owners. I loved just being able to relax (something I rarely get to do at market!) 

Then we settled into our hotel at the Westin, which is conveniently connected to the Mart and made plans for dinner. Of all the years I've been going to market, we've never tried Alma Cocina next door to the Ritz and Hooters (also next to the Westin). We walked over for dinner and to our surprise, it was "National Guacamole Day" so of course we tried the sampler as an app. YUMMMO. It was amazing. 

Tuesday morning we were up and at em' early for breakfast at 7:30 and presentation by new bridal designer and celebrity event planner extraordinare, David Tutera. I will admit I had never watched his shows on WE, but oh my sister had. It was a great seminar and afterwards we were able to meet him and get books signed! 

I know I was "Courtney's assistant" and all, but since there was a gift mart going on as well, we really took our time looking at new lines. Again, I never get to do this and have NEVER attended a gift show in all of my five years. I was able to order something for Sugar (and Voila!) that I've been wanting to order for a while...


I know, I know you're probably thinking what in the world does books have to do with fashion but hellloooo...a LOT! There's so many amazing fashion coffee table books, fashion guides, wedding books and wedding planners so we placed a small order. Even fun pregnancy journals for my mamas-to-be who shop maternity at Sugar. Hope we'll have a little something for everyone. Have no fear, we're not turning into a bookstore, just a way to add into our merchandising and such. So exciting!

Tuesday night there was an awesome fashion show/reception at 6. The new styles are amazing and ohhhhh, to be a bride again. I am obsessed with the new "blush" dresses and trendy silhouettes.

One of my favorites...

After the show we walked over to Ray's in the City because we were craving sushi.
Ray's is the BEST!

While we WERE having an amazing time and getting lots of work done, I sure did miss my baby.
Chad made sure to send me lots of pics and so did his Mimi and Papa when he stayed with them one night. Here he is at their house brushing his teeth. Seriously? 19 months going on 19 YEARS!
Oh and while I was gone, Cade tee-tee'd in the potty. Not even joking. I miss everything!! More on that later. Don't worry, he won't be potty-trained for a while (I don't think), but it's really a funny story. 

On the way home Wednesday we finally branched out and found the Ballard Designs outlet that I've been dying to visit for years, especially after seeing a friend's recent post here.

Let me tell you, this deserves a blog post ALL of it's own, so stay tuned. 
Promise I've got more pics. If only we had been in Courtney's SUV, not my Camry. Sigh.

Wednesday afternoon it felt SO GOOD to get those big, big hugs from my boy once I returned. Missed him so much...well, and Chad too :) We all spent time outside last night since the weather was amazing and all he wanted to do was lounge by the pool. He looked up at me and said "Night Night!" 

He is such a little mess...and so grown! Gah.
More on Ballard Backroom coming up soon...


  1. Sounds like you had a fun trip! I hope you had luck at Ballard!

  2. Sounds like such a fun time! And so awesome that y'all met David Tutera! I don't watch his shows all of the time but, I have before. He seems like such a genuinely nice person!


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