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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

So I've been MIA and for good reason. 

SIX glorious days at Fripp Island with the fam, then two days at market in ATL ordering Fall and Spring. Whew, straight from vaca mode to work mode overnight. It has been crazy, but what a great vacation!

Fripp was ah-mazing, per the usual, and I'll have lots of posts on that later...

First up, I thought I'd share a quick recap of market while I get my Fripp vaca pics ready (you know I only took like a zillion. Typical me)

We left Fripp a day early so I could attend market (boooo) so we got home Saturday around 6pm. I unpacked, repacked and headed to ATL super early Sunday morning to meet mom and Courtney, who were already there all weekend ordering prom styles for her store.

I was excited to bring back Judith March to Sugar for Fall! We carried Judith March a few years ago and while I'm a little bummed she doesn't offer exclusivity, I've had so many customer request that obviously we don't have enough of it in Greenwood. So, JM is coming back to Waller Avenue!!
WOOHOO! Stay tuned for adorable dresses, whimsical tanks, shorts, skirts, belts and more. 
Fabulous fun styles will be added soon over at

I'm also excited about bringing back NYDJ (Not Your Daughters Jeans). When I carried NYDJ years ago it was definitely a more "mature" line. Customers loved it, but the minimums were so high I really couldn't keep up then. Well they've completely rebranded the line and the styles now appeal to ALL ages, shapes and sizes. Helen Christensen is going to be the new model and they will have major print/tv ad campaign starting up next month. Soooo exciting! Can't wait to get the new styles in. 

Karlie Fall looked great and is always a customer favorite. Can't wait to get this funky fur vest in!

and these adorable jackets. Dying over the studded trench. I didn't want to take it off.
Even better, both retail for less than $100!

After a very long day of ordering, we all went out for dinner at one of our favorites - Azio!

Our mom is the BEST! She is always willing to help us out at market and we have so much fun.
Seriously don't know what I would do without these two right here...

After walking miles and miles at market, yep I'd say I deserved this. 
Come. to. mama.

Our view from the room...

Monday we had even more appointments, with awesome lines such as Southern fRock (shown below. Looks great for Spring), Jude Connally, JoyJoy and more!

We finally got home around 5pm or so Monday and I was back at work today.
To say that it was chaotic was an understatement. Catching up was rough and I didn't get home until around 8pm, so yes it's "back to life...back to reality." 

If only vacation could last oh...say 3 weeks or so.
More beach pics coming soon!

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  1. I am pretty sure I want your job! And what a beautiful family!


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