fripp trip 2013 | part 1

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This was our 4th year visiting Fripp with Chad's family and we had the BEST week! 
These photos are in such random order but here goes...

First up we enjoyed our awesome house we rented this year! My sis-in-law has been wanting to splurge and stay at this gorgeous house for years, so we did and it definitely didn't disappoint. SO nice!!!
This year we needed a bigger house because we had our little family, Chad's sister's family, Chad's parents, Chad's cousin Holly's family, and Chad's parents best friends (also like Chad and Monica's other parents!) So we had five boys ages six and under. Can you say chaos?
But a bigger group = even more fun.

the dock in our front yard...with lots of alligators. Huge alligators.

What also made this year even more fun was the fact that Cade got to ride PINK tricycles. 

Say whaaaaaa?

Because this means that some of our very best friends were also at Fripp with all of their girls! (the girls that Cade and the boys stay with everyday at Mrs. Kim's) We've all been friends since I can't even remember. So yes, Cade had fun "stealing" their pink tricycle...

getting sandy and building sandcastles...

taking long naps on the beach. (ok, maybe not every day but he did better than I thought. He turned 18 months the day before we left for Fripp, so he is officially in full toddler mode and that means not loving naps, Mr. Independent, and temper tantrums. Fun times (*rolling my eyes*)...but then I look at this pic of him sleeping and my heart melts every. single. time)

Cade had a BLAST with his cousins! 
(missing Jackson in this photo. He was probably on a golf cart. True story ;)

and loving on sweet baby "Hay Hay" (Hayden)
Ok, maybe terrorizing Hayden, but whatever...

So glad this little ray of sunshine joined us this year...and to think Cade was this age LAST year! 
Time flies by entirely too fast.

We enjoyed the beach every. single. day. All six days we were there. Oh and not just for a few hours, come in, nap, eat lunch, etc... no, no...we left the house before lunch to head over to our friend's house that was oceanfront and we did not come in until 6 or 7 before sunset! Serious beach bums.
It was perfect.

One day we did let Cade check out the kiddie pool. Contrary to this pic, he loved the slide. Good big cousin Maddox was eager to help!

Back to beach time though, he loved every second of playing on the beach with his girls.
They helped me keep him under control...

and he was mesmerized by having "princesses" around on his vaca.
Gah, he's so girl crazy it's not even funny.

He ate a LOT (and I mean a lot) of snacks every day. Especially cheez its and goldfish!

He also had fun playing washers with cousin Carter. I feel like they look 16 years old here!

One of his favorite things to do was ride the golf cart and look for deer and alligators. 
This cutie was posing for his picture, can't you tell?

Again, more beach time with the girls. Priceless.

Surfs up!

Every night we just enjoyed big yummy meals at the house, but one night Mimi & Papa, Danny & Donna were so gracious to babysit ALL FIVE boys so all the adults could have date night.
We met up with friends and here's all the girls at Bonita Boathouse!

Back to golf cart rides, seriously...we had the best time.
There's nothing better than laughs with my boy!

Just a few years ago I spent hours pulling Maddox & Jackson on the boogie board. Now they spent hours (ok, minutes because Cade has ADD I swear) pulling Cade! My how things change.

On Thursday, more friends joined us on the beach and Cade had even MORE kiddos to play with. At one time I counted 16 kids. We had two tents, about 15 beach chairs, 6 coolers, a zillion sand toys, 1 radio, 1 ipod dock, and ONE BIG BEACH PARTY!
We ended most days with the girls and the big kids doing the "Blurred Lines" dance or the Wobble for our "exercise" for the week. 

Oh and sharks. Let's not forget those! (EEEEK. One of our friends caught this!)

Fun with "Brant Brant" on the beach. Cade loooooved the "older girls" as well. Brantley and her two friends were a lifesaver for a few days. They kept the kiddos entertained, even if just for an hour or two! We were very grateful to get a little rest from chasing him all over the Atlantic shoreline.

The last night after family beach pics, a few of us went to Johnson Creek Tavern for dinner. This is Chad goofing off, per the usual. JCT has the BEST crab cakes. Y'all know how Chad hates taking pics, so he is hardly ever in them, but I did have to make him smile for at least a few. 

So grateful for a whole week of QT time with him and Cade.
Life gets so busy, it was definitely an awesome week to relax and enjoy time with family!

That's why we look forward to this week every year and didn't want to come home. We could seriously live in Beaufort. Fripp is our "happy place". The kids just enjoy it so much! 
Now to go book next year's trip... (no, seriously)

Oh and to edit our family beach pics too. Will post those soon!


  1. I wish we had found y'all on the beach! We had the best weather last week... Cade is adorable! And napping on the beach is awesome, c will only do that if she's in someone's arms with her lovie!

    1. I am so mad I didn't have a stroller to push him in because I was determined that day to come see y'all! Hopefully it will work out next year we are there the same time. Cade wouldn't have known what to do with cute Collins and Harper. Wish we were all back this week too, don't you!? Aaaaahh...

  2. Looks like so much fun! And that house is beautiful!

    1. Kasey, the house is called Lunaseay if you ever need a place to stay at Fripp ;) It was fabulous!


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