saltwater heals everything.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Finally catching up on our recent beach trip and yes, there's pictures galore.
If you know me then you know two things...

1. I love photography
2. I love the beach

Put the two together and it's a lethal combo. This post is mostly for our "family scrapbook" so I will apologize in advance for the pic overload.

We left last Sunday for North Myrtle Beach. As soon as we got there, Cade wanted to take his shoes and shirt off (too funny. such a teenager), grab his sippy cup and rock on the front porch of the beach house. He was happy as could be and had not even set his eyes on the beach yet!

I was SO excited that 1. chad would be with us on this NMB beach trip (last year he had to work so it was just me, my mom, her bestie and my sister) and 2. Cade would actually enjoy the beach more this year since he could walk and play in the water

Well of course all he cared about was the airplanes and spent most of the afternoon "chasing them"

The first night we cooked in then made a quick trip to Bass Pro Shop to see the "fishies"
(We all know that was just daddy's excuse to do some shopping)

So a fun first day, but then this is where it gets not so fun. Cade had been a little warm with a fever that day but since he has a huge molar coming in, we chalked it up to "teething". Well that night he woke up at 3am the hottest we had ever felt him. I didn't have a thermometer (total mom failure) but we quickly gave him more Motrin and tried to cool him off with cool wet washcloth. The next morning he was still running a high fever and no appetite. We were so scared it was an awful ear infection since he was pulling at his ears and we decided to take him straight to Urgent Care. He got sick twice on the way (into my Tory Burch purse. This is why mom's don't need nice things) and we stopped at not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different Urgent Care's before they would see him since he was less than 18 months (barely). Finally we found the nicest doctor and they checked his ears, plus swabbed for Strep. Everything fine. She said it may just be an odd fever virus, gave him antibiotics and we were on our way. That five hour saga was finally over. Thank GOSH. Cade spent that whole day inside, needless to say, drinking plenty of juice and snuggling with Grami that afternoon while us oh-so-frazzled parents had a little beach time. Whew!

Sure enough, by the next morning his fever was gone and he seemed more peppy (and hungry!)
We took him out for an hour or so that morning while it wasn't so hot and he definitely stayed hydrated with his juice box - his new favorite thing.

He still seemed more sleepy than usual and got in a lot of great naps.
We were surprised and ecstatic that Uncle Mack had a break from coaching Legion ball and got to come for a day!

We got all dressed up and ready to hit Barefoot Landing for the evening...

Mom and Charles wanted to take Cade to the mall so he could stay in the cool and ride the train. They had dinner at Chick Fil A (Cade's favorite) while me, Chad, Court, Mack went to Flying Fish at Barefoot and met Cameron - my college roomie, sorority sis, and best friend!
She lives in Charleston but grew up in NMB so she always gives us the best scoop on what to do and where to go. Dinner was delish! Definitely check out Flying Fish next time you are there.
The sushi is amazing...

Mom, Charles and Cade met us at Barefoot a little later to walk around a bit. Here's Cade and Aunt Coco "horse'n around". Heehee.

The next night we decided to try Broadway so Cade could ride a few of the rides. When they tore down the Pavilion amusement park in Myrtle several years ago, they preserved some of the rides and took them to Broadway at the Beach.

It was also Charles birthday (my mom's bf) and apparently mom, Cade and I decided to color coordinate. Not planned, promise.

Have I mentioned how much I love this woman? She is my rock!

We attempted to have dinner at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville but with a 3 hour wait, we settled for Key West Grill. Cade loved the conch fritters, just like his mama. Can't wait to take him to the Bahamas one day!

Love my family...

Onto the rides. We knew he couldn't ride much but the carousel was a must. Let's just say I was "that mom" who had to literally PRY her child's tiny fingers from the "horsey" and proceed to carry him off the carousel kicking and screaming "hooooorseeeeey!". Oh my. Life with a toddler...

He also loved "riding the whales" and did NOT want to leave.

Our last day at the beach, Cade was SO much better, thank goodness, and ready for a day of salty water and sandcastles.

Yep, he's pretty much 17 months going on 17 YEARS!
Seriously. Have you ever???

off to the water we go...

our little water baby. He LOVED it.

He had fun doing lots of people watching...

and carrying buckets of water. Such a hard life at the beach, I tell ya...

He also had a ball building sandcastles with daddy. He was very serious about it.

And for those who think Cade is always ALL smiles and perfect.
Hmmm...let me introduce you to Mr. Attitude.

I think we are welcoming the "terrible two's" a little early. Are y'all sure it doesn't start around 18 months? Have mercy.

On our last night at NMB we decided to enjoy yummy seafood at Hoskins! My bestie Cameron worked at Hoskins all through high school and when home from college. She introduced me to it a few years ago when I visited her in NMB and I fell in love. It's on main street and it's the best little family owned seafood restaurant. We started it as a tradition last year and I'm so glad we did.

Here's Cade last year at his first Hoskin's visit and this year...

After dinner we had more fun rocking and dancing on the porch, his favorite.
So glad Cameron was able to take a few days off work and enjoy the beach with us!
I hate that we are 5 hours away from each other but hopefully her coming to visit during our NMB trip will also become a tradition :)

I've got a few more pics to post, but I'll spare you for today.
All in all, it was a great trip I just hate Cade got so sick for those 24-48 hours!
No doubt about it though, our boy loves the SC coast just like his mama and daddy.

Now to look forward to Fripp Island with Chad's family.
Eeeeeeekkk! Can not wait.


  1. He needs to be a baby model!!! He reminds me of that little boy that has gotten media coverage from all his fashion pics on Instagram. :)

    1. ha you are too sweet! I need to seek out this little fashionista boy on Insta!!! That is hilarious


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