happy birthday in heaven

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tomorrow is my dad and granddad's birthdays. 

They will celebrate in heaven.

The "week of the 4th" use to be a fun, happy week for our family. We would spend days at a friend's lake house, fun on the jet ski, the boat parade, and fireworks at night! I always really looked forward to it, but for the past five years it's been a little different. July 3rd marks my dad and granddad's birthdays and July 6th marks the day my dad unexpectedly passed away. It's not that I don't necessarily look forward to the 4th, because I always enjoy that day with friends and family, but the week is just a little tough since it holds so many memories.

I usually post about this on their actual birthday but since Cade was born Feb 3rd, I'm going to do an update post about him tomorrow since he will be 17 months. The day is so bittersweet because we miss "Pop Pop" (finally taught Cade who my dad was in pictures. He calls him "Pop Pop") and Papa Hall, but it's also a special day because it marks another sweet month with our precious! 

I know these two are smiling down on us because many years ago, as a little girl
 I wanted to be just like them

and now many, many years later I now want my son to be just like them

Another day, another reminder, to hug our family members a little tighter and
 truly appreciate this time we have together. Every day is a GIFT!

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