growing up too fast (17 months)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Here's just a glimpse of Cade since he is 17 months today...

He's fearless. 
Seriously, kid isn't scared of a thing! Here's the proof...

He's a ham.

His facial expressions say it all.

He's a monkey.
Constantly climbing on everything and running everywhere, at all times. 
Will only sit still to watch "trac trac" videos on our phone/ipad/laptop.

He loves to ride anything and everything!
Constantly points outside and says "Own' ride"

He's getting a little attitude.
Lord help us.

He looks just like his daddy...

and besides his moments of "attitude", he's the sweetest baby! 

Here's 17 things I want to remember about his 17 month...

1. He has started putting words together and has said phrases/sentences such as "STOP Ma-Ma!" when I try to tickle his feet, "It HEA-BEE" (It's heavy) when he tried to pick up my laptop, and last night he said "Elp' meh Da-Da" (help me dada) when he was trying to get up in the chair with Chad.

2. His favorite book is still his little bible. He learns about ALL the animals in there and what sounds they make. Then he looks a Jesus and says "shoooooooes" (he loves Jesus' sandals I guess)

3. He has this little "chick chick" from Easter that he now sleeps with (so random). At bed time we ask him if he wants to go lay down with "chick chick" and he starts crying for him. He also cries for food and to EAT "chick chick" (he thinks all meat is chick chick) so yeah, not so sure how we're going to explain all this later.

4. He is OBSESSED with tractor videos. ALL WE HEAR is "shrac shrac" because he has this little lisp when he tries to say "trac trac". When he's watching it on my iPhone, he will turn the phone horizontally to view the video better. He sits in awe for minutes upon minutes (let's face it, that's the longest we've gotten him to sit still ever)

5. He also is getting more into cartoons, particular a Bob the Builder DVD my mom got him. I think it's because he sees the tractors and trucks on there.

6. He loves the water and use to say "wah-wah" but now has said "WA-TER" like he's suppose to. He has even said "TRAC-TOR" before but I guess his nicknames for them are easier/quicker to say. We're working on it.

7. He's wearing 18 month clothes, 18 month 2 piece pjs and 24 month sleepers. Size 5 1/2 shoe.

8. He gives the BIGGEST hugs. Seriously, if I'm holding him and say "give mama a BIG hug!", he nearly chokes me out :) It really is the best feeling in the world to have those tiny arms wrapped around my neck. My favorite part of the day is getting him out of his crib in the morning. That bed head, those cute PJs, and those sweet arms wrapped around me gets me every time. I want him to stay this little forever.

9. We are trying to teach him "please" and "thank you" already. He gets SO whiney when he wants something, just whines and whines and points his finger to "cheet-oh!" but then when I tell him "What do you say? Say PLEASE" he automatically turns his frown upside down and starts grinning and says "PEEEEZE" because he knows he's about to get what he wants.

10. One of his favorite things to do is push the button to open and close the DVD player. He is not easily entertained in the kitchen anymore though. When I'm cooking, he constantly wants me to do something with him - he won't just sit and play with pots and pans like a normal toddler!!!! This is when the iPhone trac trac videos come into play...

11. He has mastered the word "Un Uh". (as in "no") Me:  "Cade are you ready to go to Mrs. Kim's?" Cade: "Un uh". He also put his finger up one time at me and said "NO, NO, NO!" because he saw his daddy do that. oh em gee.

12. He is ALL boy. He comes home with dirt under his nails, snotty nose, and stinky feet. He loves to get dirty. Not going to lie, it use to gross me out a little because I'm a bit of a germaphobe, but I really do love being a boy mom. We just have longer bath times :)

13. His favorite snacks are goldfish, "Chee-toh" (he constantly says this), grapes, raisins and strawberries. Vanilla Wafers and Fig Newtons as a treat!

14. He loves the Gerber Graduates pasta and chicken dinners. He's not so much a fan of the spaghetti-os but he loves anything with chicken. The other night he did eat feed himself Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff (don't judge. it was my night to cook) and he did so good with the spoon, but he would get frustrated sometimes and just put the food ON the spoon then put it in his mouth. He couldn't get the spoon up to his mouth fast enough. He LOVED it. He also loves hot dogs, chicken nuggets and well, who am I kidding? Kid eats anything and everything!!

15. He still loves to dance. The other night he dropped down and started breakdancing. (well, his version of breakdancing) I caught it on video and I have GOT to post it soon!

16. His "excited" laugh is the. best. When he gets really excited about going to ride, or trac trac videos, it lights up my world. We hope to take him to the zoo soon so he can see all of the animals he has learned in the bible. I hope to catch this "excited laugh" on camera.

17. Bath time is still his favorite but now he's figured out how to let the water out. Fail.

So this list could go on and on but that's enough for one month. Just those little things I don't want to forget since this is my online scrapbook. 

I'll leave you with this. A pic of our little buddy exactly one year ago today. My oh my how things have changed, but one thing is for sure, I'm so glad he's still got that big smile!!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!

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  1. SO sweet!! I think this is the best age. It's so much fun watching them learn new things each day and interact with you more!


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