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Friday, July 26, 2013

Second link up with "5 on Friday". Watch out now!

1. I'm off to Ikea today with a friend to finally snag a new desk for my office. We painted every other inch of the store when I opened except for the back office. It is still an awful dark teal. We've dealt with it for five years but when I was reminded by my bestie that "you really do spend more hours of the day at work than at home", I decided it's time for a makeover. I need to paint, change out tables, desks, and mainly ORGANIZE. It is a hot mess. Seriously, stay tuned for before and afters. When I'm going to accomplish this, I do not know but hopefully soon because something has to give. We have a fun, feminine, "pretty" little store so my co-workers and I need a FUN, pretty workspace don't you agree? Here's my inspiration...

2. I finally opened my newest Birchbox this week and found samples of three Benefit products. It couldn't have came at a better time. My face had been SO dry and felt tight constantly (usually so not the taste. I think it was a combination of being at the beach last week and using too many salicylic products lately). I tried the Total Moisture concentrated Face Cream at night and it was amazing! It felt great, not greasy, and smelled awesome. I may just have to go buy a big ol' tub of this and slather in it after my next beach trip.

3. It's so crazy how something so simple can make such a drastic change. Obsessed with these precious new Mauve Stripe Throw Pillows from World Market that I added to our sitting area at Sugar. I forget to shop World Market, even though I've always loved their styles. After my sister got this amazing loveseat and I'm dying over this chair to match. (Future house maybe?)

Not sure why the top photo looks darker but again, the pillows make a huge difference!
The pillows were on sale for $13.79 and they have a HUGE End of Season Clearance going on now. Free shipping with orders over $150. I'm definitely going to have to remember to check World Market more often now. Love it.

4. Speaking of Sugar, we launched our first collection of GAMEDAY styles yesterday! So cute. A little something for everyone, but lots more to come! Follow us on Facebook to be the first to see the new styles as they arrive.

5. I'll leave you with this quote. I absolutely love it. This is so true, because five years ago when I opened Sugar I set out to do exactly those two things: work REALLY hard and always be super sweet to each and every one of my customers that dart the doors. Amazing things have happened (little things, like over 14,000 FB fans hellooooo. Awesome! We're getting there :) and I'm beyond blessed each and every day. This is true with everything in life. If everyone were a little bit more kind, the world would be a better place right?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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