cade's first trip to the zoo!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

We've been wanting to take Cade to the Greenville Zoo for a few months now, yet we could never find a day to go. So when I knew we were both off the day after the 4th, we decided to go! 

Cade's second favorite thing to do (first is watch trac trac videos now) is to read his books and go over what ALL the animals say. We knew he would be so excited to see all of the animals in person at the zoo and well, we were right! 


this was taken as he got a first glimpse at Kiko, the baby giraffe
Watching the monkeys with daddy...

This was funny. I guess this is how the pig cooled off. It was definitely a hot one! 

I think Cade's favorites were the barnyard animals! He literally tried to kiss the goat.
He's very loving, ya know...

When I told him "Cade, there's the lion! He's sleeping!" He turned around, put his finger over his little lips and said "shhhhhhh..."

He had the best time!

Our little monkey fit right in at the zoo...

So glad we found time to go. Love days spent with my little family.
 It definitely won't be Cade's last trip to the zoo. 
Next time we can try Riverbanks in Columbia! 


  1. Oh my goodness his expression in the first picture is PRICELESS! Looks like it was a successful first trip! So fun!!


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