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Monday, June 3, 2013

Since Cade is 16 months today, I decided I would finally share some of his photos from his "One Year Photoshoot" with Mrs Abby Williams. These were taken in April since it rained out the March Spring Mini Sessions, so Cade is actually 14 months here, not 12. 

It's just amazing to see how much he grows each and every month. He is like a little weed, sprouting each month and a sponge that absorbs everything.

His vocabulary has taken off. His favorite thing to do now at 16 months is sit and read one of our Shutterfly books. It's a book I made of the year 2011, when I was pregnant with him. It features pics of every family member and most all of our friends. He literally goes through each page of the book and tells us who everyone is. He amazes me how fast he picks up on things! Sometimes too fast. (Ex. We were in the doctor's office today (another story. keep reading) and he pointed to the doctor's feet (she was wearing sandals) and said "EWWWWW-WEEE!" and made a stinky face.
 Omg. And so it begins...

I predict this is not going to be the last time this little booger embarrasses me.

His little personality is hilarious and his facial expressions kill me. This is SUCH a fun and exhausting  age! 

This is one of his favorite faces, whenever he sees something exciting...or hears a truck go down the road...or hears music. Speaking of, when he hears a car or truck go down the road he now immediately says "SHRUCK!" then "BOAT!" because nine times out of ten around here there's a truck pulling a boat. That's what you get living between two lakes. 

I had to take him to the doctor today because he's had a runny nose and cough since Thursday. I thought it was just allergies, or teething, and would get better but yesterday he developed a fever. I was scared of an ear infection because he was pulling on them so much, but his ears looked great (they've been fine since tubes! PTL!) and she treated him for sinuses!? 

He weighed 26 pounds. 

Trust me, this is nothing my back didn't already know.

Another funny story, he also loves to bring his little baby bible to us to read and we keep trying to teach him to say "Jesus" and show him who he is in the picture. Well all he picks up on is the fact that Jesus is wearing sandals and he yells "SHOOOOOOOOOES!" 

Chad said "Yes, JESUS help me"

I do believe he has a fetish with shoes and he gets it honest. He will pick up a shoe out of my closet, bring it over and literally try to put it on my foot. Hilarious.

His hair is getting SO long and yes, he has a combover + baby mullet. I finally trimmed his bangs just a wee little bit the other day because they were falling in his face, but we decided not to cut his curls until after our beach trip. I guess we want to see just how curly his hair will get in the coastal air!

At 16 months, his new favorites are "trac tracs" (his new John Deere tractor toys or spotting tractors going down the road), Nilla Wafers, "chick chick" (he thinks any meat is chicken),  "Chee-TOS!", "big shrucks" (watching big trucks that go down the road), climbs on everything (as you can see in the pic above. He was just getting started), RUNS from us now, is obsessed with reading books, obsessed with shoes and apparently telling people they have stinky feet. Oops

Here's to another fun month with our oh-so-energetic and fearless toddler!

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