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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day is bittersweet now. 

My dad will be gone five years this July. 


and yet some days, it still hasn't sunk in. Until Cade sees the picture frame in our living room with a picture of me, my sister, my mom, and my dad (rare pic as they were divorced, but still always friends). 

Cade looks at the picture and says "MA-MA!" .... "CO-CO!" ..... "MA-Mi!" ...

then he takes a long hard look at my dad...

and silence. 

That, my friends, is when it hits. And it hits hard

The thought of knowing Cade will never know my dad. Never get to feel those big hugs, go fishing with him, ride one of his many cars, golf carts, or contraptions he created down at his "shop" with him.

We've shown him pictures and told him that was "Pop", because knowing my dad he would have wanted a cool name like that, trust me. However, he's not here in person to be a part of Cade's life and it just makes me sick to think about it.

We miss him so much, it's unreal. As you can see, we were certainly daddy's girls.

That's what makes me a little bitter at times, I suppose, but on to what is so sweet.

The fact that my husband celebrates HIS second Father's Day. The joy that we have from our sweet Cade has been a blessing and filled a void at the most perfect time (I'll say it again - God's timing is always perfect!) since Cade was born just a month before we lost our precious Papa Hall (my dad's dad) last year too. We had taken care of him since dad passed away, so to have him gone too? 
Double heartbreak.

Cade has been our ray of sunshine.

So, to get things onto more of a happy note, let's go ahead and get to talking about my SUNSHINE and Chad's second Father's Day!

Chad got home around lunch time Sunday. Cade and I were eagerly waiting, but then what did we all three do? Took naps all afternoon. It was glorious. After naptime, it was dinner time with the fam.

This is three little sunshines right here. Pretty much how it goes...Cade aggravating Carter, who's trying to escape, and poor baby Hayden caught in the middle of it all wondering what in the world is going on. Bless it. These three are going to have a TIME at Fripp this year.

Not only does Cade aggravate Carter, but the funniest part of the night was when Cade walked over to Maddox where he was eating and Maddox looked up at Chad and yelled "CHAD! Can you get this kid away from me???!!!" I died. Hilarious.

Beyond thankful for this man right here. He's the best. Seriously.

Rollercoaster fun...

Powerwheels out of "power"? Have no fear. Maddox to the rescue! 
Thankful for sweet big cousins. Cade loves them sooo much, he literally pitched a fit for a solid ten minutes last night crying for "Mack Mack" (Maddox) , that I had to Facetime them just so he could see him. Ridiculous. They are BFF.

my heart.

Can you even imagine the "conversations" between these two?

Next thing we know, we will blink and they'll be sitting like this in a truck chatting with each other on the way to high school. Crazy! 

That's why I'm enjoying every minute NOW and living in the present. Soaking it all in.

After all, it's the little things I never want to take for granted...

because I know all too well that's what you miss the most.

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