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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I haven't been the greatest blogger lately since I've been in a "bleh" mood. Maybe "bleh" also means "crazy/busy/too tired to type mood" as well. I have felt disorganized, burnt out, and out of sorts. Maybe it has a little to do with Father's Day being Sunday too :( Whatever it is, in attempt to catch up, I wanted to share what we've been up to lately...

Last Saturday we had a fun day out on the pontoon at Lake Russell with Mimi, Papa, Aunt Monk, "Jack Jack" "Mack Mack" and "Car Car" (Cade's names for Jackson, Maddox, and Carter). There's really no houses on Lake Russell (the boat ramp is 5 minutes from our house) and it's so calm and peaceful. The boys all enjoyed fishing. Cade and Carter specifically had fun choking out all of the minnows in the minnow bucket but *ahem*, that's a different story for a different day. Oopsie.

Cade had fun trying a sucker for the first time...

and since he doesn't remember being on the pontoon last year, it took him a while to figure it all out!

Oh but trust me, it didn't take long.

"what do you mean I can't drive this thing??!"

This baby LOVES the water. Just like his daddy, happiest IN the water and ON the water.
Little fish.

That next day, Mom and I spent some much needed QT time together (have i mentioned how much I love that woman?) as she joined me on a market trip. We ordered Lilly Resort and other fun Fall goodies. I was OBSESSED with this Elizabeth McKay maxi skirt but I was good (hey, can't order it all) and only chose a few things for the store. Everyone asks "How do you not just get EVERYTHING??" Trust me, it's just like when you walk in a store to buy something. Sure, you may want everything - but Lord knows my wallet can't get it all! I do try to have a great variety but sometimes I  wish I had everyone's opinions and more buyers with me. I love feedback and aim to please my sweet customers! 

More Elizabeth McKay goodness. Can't WAIT for this line to get here this Fall. 
Now this outfit, I DID order. Polka dots + ruffles = i die.

On to other things, I failed to mention my sweet nephews graduated from kindergarten two weeks ago!
Wasn't I just holding each of them (all 9 pounds total) in my arms at the same time?
Time flies by entirely too fast. They are such great students and I can't believe they are going to be in the 1st grade. I know we're going to turn around and Cade will be graduating from kindergarten too. 

Ok, stop it now before I lose it. 

Speaking of, you would THINK Cade was going to kindergarten as fast as he's growing...
Umm especially that little belly. See, even he is surprised.

(btw: this was a random day I took him outside to our pool. I don't let him go around in a swim diaper just anywhere. Well I say that a parent, you never say never right?)

But what do you expect when cheese puffs are his best friend? Chunky legs gotta eat. 
Love it. He gets it honest.

"Hey now mama, who you calling chunky legs!?" 

Straight chillin. 

Oh this child. Y'all don't even know.

Then this past weekend daddy was out of town with his buddies on another fishing trip, so we had a fun girls night/playdate on Friday night with Ruth and the gals, where Cade enjoyed playing with all of Logan, Brantley, and Reed's "big boy toys". 

Then Saturday I had the day off and we went to Anderson with Grami to get this baby some new shoes. Here he is strolling' showing off his new Stride Rite's! 
(1 out of 4 pairs I bought him. Obsessed)

After a day full of shopping, which Cade was highly over by the time we made it to Target so that was just loads of fun (NOT!), Sweetbef came over and we had yet another fun girls night at home just hanging out and watching Cade's sweet dance moves.

On Sunday we were SO READY to have daddy back early for Father's Day since we missed him so much! You'd ask Cade what daddy was doing was catching all weekend,  he'd say "BIH PISH!"
 (big fish) Cutest thing ever.

Next post, I'll share our relaxing Father's Day day!

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