the big 3-0

Friday, May 17, 2013

Can you believe this cutie patootie has a birthday today?
The big 3-0. 

Time has flown by from this...

to this...

this was actually three years ago. he's aging well don't you think? Hasn't changed a bit since. ha!
We've known each other since I was in 6th grade and him in 7th. Elementary school. Not even joking. Folks, that is about 16 years. For those who don't know, we never dated in high school but we were great friends. He was my best guy friend I guess you could say. We lost touch after high school but towards the end of my Junior year at USC, we were reunited and have been together ever since. Oh how 8 years flies by in the blink of an eye...

First came love...
one month after we were engaged (on his birthday btw!!) | June 2007

then came marriage...

our wedding day | 8.16.08

then came...well...LIFE. 

The ups and downs, everything from fulfilling my dream of opening my own store to the death of grandparents, parents, miscarriages, etc... and just about everything else life had in store for us. He was right here by my side through it all.

Fripp Island | 2011

THEN came the baby carriage :)

and at that moment - 2:23 am on February 3rd 2012 - I loved him more than I ever thought possible.

He has far exceeded my expectations and been the best father and husband a girl could ever ask for.
I am so blessed.

Here's to turning 30. 

Here's to growing old.

and thank the good Lord we get to grow old together!

Happy Birthday
We love you!


  1. are we sure that isn't baby cade in the first picture?

    such a sweet post for your hubs.

  2. He and I share the same birthday and age :) Happy belated birthday!! :)


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