Wednesday, May 22, 2013

well guys, as I reach for my crumpled-up-wet-tissue again, I knew this day would come... 

the day my amazing store manager at Sugar had to leave.

Brittany has been a blessing to me since she began working with me in September 2011. I thought it would just be for a short while, just to give me a little maternity leave, and come August 2012 she would get into law school. But, the Lord had other plans!

She has stuck around with me, allowed me to fulfill my biggest job - being a mom - and taking a maternity leave, which some business owners never even get to do, and she's helped me grow Sugar more than I ever could on my own. Again, I've been beyond blessed to have her. A true asset. Most business owners will tell you "nobody can run your business like YOU run your business", and while this is true - this gal came pretty darn close.

me and britt with one of our sweetest customers, Mrs. Debbie.
That's why it's a bittersweet day as I am sad to be alone in the store again, but I'm thrilled for the new journey she has ahead of her. Not only did she get a job offer from a law firm, which she will begin June 3rd, she's also GETTING MARRIED this Saturday! New job, new house, new husband. Whew, she's in for some major changes. What an exciting time!

It's going to take a little while for me to get use to the changes as well. While it's perfect timing and I'll have a few wonderful teacher friends to help me through the Summer (they like to work every now and then since they have the entire Summer off), I've gotten spoiled at being able to come and go as I please, have help when Cade had dr. appts, my own appts, etc. It's back to the grind of not just working 30+ hours a week, but working A FULL 40+ hours a week (yep, in the Summer I usually work 6 days, Monday-Saturday). There's also an Erskine College student who interned for us in January, modeled for us some, and will hopefully be able to work not only this Summer but in the Fall as well. If you know anyone who may be interested in working a few days this Summer and continue into the Fall (local college student, high school student who can come after school, etc...), let me know! I'm always on the hunt for good help, and I must say the Lord has blessed me with the BEST over the past few years.

On to more changes...
not sure if I ever casually mentioned that my sister Courtney, 


The bridal and formal shop, Voila!, (next door to Sugar on Waller Avenue) has been open for nine years. Janet, the owner, was also from Abbeville, had kids our age, and has been the best neighbor/friend to me. I was so upset when she came to me earlier this year to tell me she was ready to retire and give it up. Being the only formal boutique in Greenwood now, I knew this couldn't happen. Where would people go? I pitched the idea to a few friends but wasn't even thinking about my own sister. She was community liaison for Ark Hospice (a company my sis-in-law also works for) and she loved her job. She didn't even cross my mind, but I guess the idea crossed hers. Within a whirlwind of a week, Courtney went from casually mentioning to Janet that "she'd like to do it" to signing papers at the bank and lawyer's office. Unreal! You hear people say "that was all God"...well this was definitely all God's plan for sure. Every single piece fell into place and it was just meant to be. She's going to bring in new bridal designers like Maggie Sottero (gorgeous!) and bridesmaid dresses (which Janet didn't do) from The Dessy Group, which carries lines such as After Six, Alfred Sung, Lela Rose, and more.  I could not be happier for her. Brides-to-be and those who need pageant/prom/deb dresses, go see Courtney!

oh and then this happened Sunday...

Eeeeeeek. Surreal. Next up, our own reality show. 


But seriously, some days I definitely feel like we should have our own show. A look into our crazy, chaotic, stressful, yet over-joyful everyday lives would be amusing that's for sure! Stay tuned for more adventures of from "Barbies to Business", or so the article said.

I know one former entrepreneur who is looking down from heaven right now, with a proud smirk and grin on his face as I'm sure he's certainly had a hand in all of this falling into place. His two baby girls side by side helping each other, with his close eye to watch us all at once? Yep, we know our dad better than anyone and that's just what he's doing. I still have the emails printed and hanging on my office wall that he sent me when I first opened Sugar. Even though I can't hear him tell us "I'm proud of you" anymore,  I can look up and see the "writings on  the wall" everyday...and that, my friends, is all I need to know. 

"The LORD has done great things for us and our hearts are full of joy" - Psalm 126:3

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" - Phil 4:13 
(this verse is actually printed on every Sugar receipt. My favorite verse. I owe everything to HIM!)


  1. How wonderful! Side by side with your sister!!! Hopefully you will find someone as fabulous as Brittany was to you! I've been following your blog for some time now, I feel like I need to come see your store!

    1. Yes you do!!! We'd LOVE for you to come see us! Please let me know if you are ever in the area :)Do you live in SC?

  2. I know those lines VERY well! In fact, I bet I would know her sales reps! Sooooo fun! I want to know who all she is carrying! And how cute is that article?! Y'all are adorable

    1. Oh I know, I bet you do! Court needs to pick your brain, for real. I'm sure you have advice. Come visit us in Greenwood - we would LOVE to meet you and chit/chat. How fun!

    2. *I meant to say "have the best advice" :)


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