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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In an attempt to catch up I'm going to post a whole bunch of random pics from my iPhone since it's really the only way I keep up with our busy life these days. What did we ever do without them?
Here's some pics and a little bit of what we've been up to. We have been enjoying the beginning of Summer and loving every minute of it.

With his Aunt Monk
Can we just talk about how big baby boy is getting? My gosh, slow down!
Is it funny he's making the same smirk as his lion friend? ;)  
This is what Cade thinks about boat rides! ha!
Sharing goldfish on the boat with "Goldilocks" Carter. Love this boy!
Woohoo daddy put together my JUMPAROOOOOO!
{ Still not sure what to think }
and Cade also tried cereal for the first time.
"You mean THIS is what I've been waiting for? YUCK!"

I went to market Friday to order Lilly Resort! Yes, RESORT!
While I can't share too much I can let you in on a secret.
Lilly fleeces will be BACK! Put on your Christmas wish list now

Britt Ryan Holiday. OMG!!
"What mom? Why can't I get in?"
Pool time with Aunt Coco. They are ridiculous together.
and Cade loves swinging in his PINK hand-me-down swing
from friends Emerson & Blakely. He could sit in it for hours at Gramis!
Just don't tell his daddy.
and THIS is what Cade thinks about shopping at Garden Ridge
Since Daddy was out of town  this was my oh-so-cute date
in Greenville for the night!
Like mother like son. If only my legs looked as cute as his in seersucker.

 And y'all, this. is. hilarious. 
We stayed with my mom on Saturday night since Chad was gone {thanks mom for helping so much!} and that morning Cade was just rolling around on the floor as usual and somehow he made his way over to the side table. 
We looked over because we knew he was quiet and we found this.

He looked like he was glued to the table and would not move! He stayed like this for a good minute. I guess it felt good to his little face. 

Clearly, he has a new found love for furniture...

Oh how I love that sweet face.

We have also enjoyed cheering on the GAMECOCKS! 
WOOOOOHOOO! Going for 3. So excited and proud to be raising my boy up right...

even if his daddy is one of those darn Clemson fans I guess we will love him anyways.

Just know that I make sure to send him things like this...

mmmm hmmm. Yep. There ya go Chad. 
You can convert on over to garnet & black any day now and join the rest of the family ;)

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