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Monday, June 18, 2012

Chad had a great first Father's Day, if I do say so myself. I had no idea what to get him and since he outdid himself with my Mother's Day present, I knew there was no competing. I didn't even try. So he got the basics - breakfast in bed, clothes, cologne [which he did ask for] and this sweet little poem from Cade. Thank you Pinterest.

His response "Those aren't Cade's feet!"
Uh, yeah they are...and yeah they are huge!
This is an 11x14 frame matted to 8x10

In my defense, I did offer to buy him this new turkey hunting gun he wanted while we were shopping Saturday night. But HE said if he had to pick it out he didn't want it.
 Oh right...because I know how to pick out a gun and all?? Maaaaaybe I'll start working on that now for next year. Note to self: BEGIN TAKING NOTES NOW. 
After church. This just makes me SMILE!
Just like his daddy. They don't love it when I break out the camera.
Can't you tell?
A few pictures of our big boy. Wearing his {and his daddy's} initials/monogram on Father's Day.

Check out those rolls!!! I could just eat him up.

Clearly, Cade is more interested in the squirrels in the trees
than the camera, his daddy, or me!

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  1. i can't wait to see that little snuggle bug this weekend. that's clearly the only reason i come to your house anymore.

    he looks so much like it's cray.


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