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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let's face it. If I see a swoon-worthy closet, I'm going to pin it. 
There's so many closets pinned to my "Future House Ideas" Pinterest boards because quite honestly, when dreaming of building a house one day - having a decent-sized, well organized closet is a top 3 requirement. I will skimp on other things just to have a big closet. 

Our plan  dream is to build one day and when scouring house plans I quickly nix the ones that don't have either 1. a large walk in closet included in the plan or 2. a small extra bedroom that could be transformed into a "mom cave" / closet. 

This is one of my absolute favorite closets and lucky Honey We're Home gets to call it her own!
She calls it her "mom cave" (genius) and sips her morning cup of coffee among her color-coordinated garments while selecting her outfit for the day. Complete with accessories from her jewelry island. 
My. heart. be. still. 

Here's a few others that I love! 

A great mirror to put on your jewelry. Folded sweaters.
Great place to sit and put on your shoes.

I really love this one too. Using chest of drawers as center island
This seems do-able to me.

Great organization even in a small walk in closet.

This is Tory Burch's closet. I want my future closet to have fun details.
A window, special lighting and fun colors, patterns, or prints.

Seriously? Gorg.

Love the idea of a corner rack to plan outfits for the week.


Ok I must stop looking at these before I have mild heart palpitations.
I can't even finish my oh-so-tiny "shoe-closet" makeover but once I finally in a million years 
do, then I will share.


  1. Omgoodness!!! I used to have an amazing walk in closet, but with the move, etc I have downsized to a now walk in and the spare bedroom closet, and am still bursting at the seams!

    Our goal is to also build one day, and even if we just buy something existing, it MUST have a large closet, either that or I am turning a spare bedroom into a closet... J has been warned :)

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious! I die! Those closets are gorgeous & that is a dream for me too... a very large closet that I can just play in!


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