4 Months

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Somebody's happy they are 4 months old today!!

  • Weight: 8 lb 7 oz  - 90th percentile - almost doubled his birth weight!
  • Length: 26 inches - 79 percentile 
  • You are in size 2 diaper and wear some 3-6 month clothes, but mostly 6 month now.
  • We put you in your crib on your back or side but you always move over to your stomach and sometimes sleep with your legs tucked under and your hiney stuck up in the air

  • You were away from me the longest you've ever been. Two whole nights when Chad & I were both so sick with the stomach virus. Gosh we missed you.
  • You love to be outside or even sit in your bouncy seat and look out the door. 
  • You still love your swing but you've almost outgrown it. 
  • You know now when we leave the room. You even cry now when we leave the room and you think we've deserted you. Can you say spoiled??
  • You are sitting up in your bumbo a lot more. 

  • You have found your thumb. You try to chew your whole hand and here lately I find you sucking your thumb
  • Speaking of chewing, you chew on EVERYTHING. I swear you are in the beginning stages of teething. You have been so fussy and just cry as if something is hurting you. There are two tiny knots on your bottom gums. You try to chew on toys, your whole hand, reach for our clothes, everything. Plus you drool everywhere, all the time.
  • You have quite the personality and your faces are priceless. You give me this one a lot:
"Seriously mom?"
  • You have officially started laughing huge chuckles. It is THE cutest thing ever. Not just when we tickle you but now when we do something funny you will laugh and laugh. Love.
  • You also still love to "sing" yourself to sleep. I posted a video this past week. It's the sweetest thing. You absolutely love music.
When you light up every time you see me or your daddy - my heart just melts.
It is by far the best thing in this whole wide world.
  • You are still roly poly and will roll two or three times in a row when on your playmat. We can hardly put you on there anymore because you just roll around then get frustrated or either we find you completely away from the playmat - no idea how that happens. You are everywhere!!
  • We haven't put together your "jump-a-roo" yet but you tried out your cousin Carter's exersaucer at your Mimi & Papa's for the first time and loved it! 

  • You found your feet this month and constantly try to put them in your mouth, along with everything else.

  • You took your road trip (3 1/2 hours to Boone and back), your first boat ride, first "swim" in the pool, celebrated your first Memorial Day and we celebrated my first Mother's Day. It has been a fun month! 

  • You are growing entirely too fast and look especially grown when I put you in outfits like this...

I'm really going to need time to start slowing down now. 

This sweet boy just gets more fun each and every day. Looking forward to another exciting month ahead and will update stats for the "blog scrapbook" when we go to his 4 month appointment.

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