3 Months

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My sweet precious. Can't believe you are 3 months today!

  • I'm guessing you weigh around 14-15 pounds [uh, maybe more] if you were 13.5 4 weeks ago.
  • You wear 3 month clothing and have moved up to size 2 diapers.
  • You slept through the night four times within the past two weeks. It was WONDERFUL. 
  • If you don't sleep through the night, you only get up around 4:30-5 to take a bottle then will go back to sleep until 8 or sometimes 9. You always wake up with a big smile that melts my heart!
  • You have gotten into a great schedule during the day. Most of the time you eat at 9am, 12am, 3pm, 6pm with the last bottle around 9-9:30. Sometimes 10 if you don't seem hungry, we are out later,  you get a bath, etc...I love having a schedule but it's never super strict. Some days we just go with the flow!
  • During the day you take your bottle, have play time, then nap for a bit. Sometimes it's 30 minutes. Sometimes it's close to 2 hours.
  • You've learned to stick your tongue out and make bubbles.
  • You have been moving a LOT. You rolled over at 10 weeks. Crazy. Since then every morning I find you laying in your crib in a different position than how I put you in there. Either you've done a complete 180 or you have flipped back to stomach, or stomach to back. 
  • You celebrated your first Easter! 
  • You've also been in your stroller without the carrier (just strapped in, laid back), and sat in the bumbo seat. 
  • Your faces are hilarious! You are so animated.

  • You put your hands in your mouth ALL the time. 
  • You have also found your feet and it's the cutest thing to see you reach and hold on to them.

  • You laughed your first "real chuckle" this past week. It is the best thing ever!
  • You LOVE and I do mean LOVE music. I knew everytime I turned on music you would hush, become more alert and smile but now you actually try to "sing" and recognize when we sing to you. Chad will play the guitar and sing Johnny Cash and you just try so hard to "sing along". We crack up every time! 

  • You started poking that bottom lip out like you are pouting. As if you didn't have me wrapped around your finger enough. Geez. Who can say no to this face?
  • You still love your changing table. It's the darnest thing but if you're in a bad mood/fussy, just put you on the changing table and you are ALL better. 
  • Your daddy left you for the first time to spend 3 nights away on a hunting trip in Alabama. Let's just say it will be a while before he leaves us again. He missed you WAY too much!
  • I also left you for the first time to go to market one night in Atlanta. Aaah, I also missed you WAY too much! It was rough.
  • You love outside. Especially swinging. You swing on Grami's front porch, Mimi's porch, and at Holly &Will Johns. I think you would sit there for hours. Guess we know what I'm going to ask for this Mother's Day.
  • We've had a lot of help this past month. From the week Papa was so sick/passed away - Mimi and Papa were great babysitters, my sister stayed with me while Chad was on a hunting trip, then when I had Sugar's 4 Year Celebration/worked so much and had kidney stones we had lots of help once again from my mom and Chad's parents. Chad has went above and beyond helping me the past few weeks. He has been Mr. Mom and is SO good with Cade. Don't know what we would do without em! 
with your Mimi on Easter Sunday. You love watching your big cousins!
You are such a happy baby and you absolutely light up our world. So blessed to be your mom.
Can't imagine how we ever went through life without you, our sweet precious!

Looking forward to the month ahead. We are going to take our first road trip as a family of three, spend fun days out by the pool, and celebrate Chad's birthday as well as my first Mother's Day.
Oh and shower this little guy with more hugs and kisses!


  1. he looks just. like. you. in that last picture. can't wait to see that little fella on sunday.

  2. I think Cade and Collins go pretty well together, right?!? :) Love that boy, he is too precious!

  3. oh my word he is BEYOND ADORABLE!!! and love his little guitar onesie :) great post!


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