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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I love shopping for home bargains. It's been years since I've paid full price for anything. My favorite places to snag great deals on furniture and decor are TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Pottery Barn Outlet, Ikea, Kirklands, Big Lots [great outdoor decor deals] and I've also gotten several pieces of furniture on sale for our house from Pier 1.

I'm currently working on two projects. Our guest bedroom/home office and then our outdoor area. We have to clean the outdoor area/pool every year and plant flowers. Quite a chunk of change, just for the flowers alone, but we enjoy this space so much in the Summer and have friends/family over so to me it's well worth the investment to make it as nice as possible! I'm going to do a post soon on how I've purchased so many items that are identical to Pottery Barn, Frontgate, and Ballard Designs outdoor items, for a mere fraction of their cost. Unbelievable. All you have to do is know where to look!

We have a new TJ Maxx in Greenwood. It opened last Fall. Haven't even looked at the clothes or shoes but I will say I've racked up on home decor and beauty products. Few weeks ago I got my favorite shampoo in a bottle triple size what I usually use from the salon for the same price! 
[and I do shop at my salon too for products because I love to support local businesses. Trust me, I buy plenty there ]

Here's my finds from this week...

MacBeth [one of my favorite lines] Shelf Liner. 2 rolls. 30ft. - $5.99 - TJ Maxx
going to use to line drawers in the new desk 

Peva Tablecloth - $3.25 at Big Lots
read below

Elephant - $4.99 - TJ Maxx
will show you what I'm going to do to that after this weekend 

Pencil Holder - going to spraypaint pink - $5.99 - TJ Maxx
use for new office

Flea Market Inspired Wire Basket - clearance for $10 [was $16.99] at TJ Maxx
similar to this one at Restoration Hardware for $84 [that's ON SALE!] 

So here's my idea for the tablecloth...

I saw this neat "bench" idea on iheartorganizing blog. Seriously let's count how many ways you can use the Ikea Expedit shelving. I've bought it for my store, Cade's nursery, and will buy for our office. Also thought how neat would this be outside under our covered patio/deck with bright tin buckets underneath labeled with "goggles" / "swimmies"/ "toys"/ "towels" ... etc... to use by the pool.
The bench fabric would be the peva tablecloth which would easily wipe off clean in a cinch!
Not sure if Chad is going to love the pink so I may go back and get another. I saw this same cute print in other colors [yellow and green] at TJ Maxx today. 

This may be an undertaking for this Summer. Other projects come first! 

I've purchased two different pillows online the past two weeks. One for guest bedroom from a GroopDealz deal and the other from Etsy. Monogrammed 18" outdoor pillow for $19.99 when Frontgate is selling 17" for $39.99 and that's before monogramming!

Seriously I think my heart stopped when I saw this pink ikat rug at TJ Maxx this week. It was randomly placed in the bath towels. It's folded up in this pic but it's a 4x6 rug for $39. Could.not.pass.up.

Do I have any idea where I'm going to use it?
Future house maybe? 
It's worth saving for a future home office with hardwood floors one day!

Also couldn't believe I found this beauty in aqua and yellow [my sister snagged the yellow] The softest chevron throw for $19.99! 
Not sure where I'm going to use it but again, too cute to pass up and yes y'all this is ALL at your local Greenwood TJ Maxx. 

I may incorporate it in our coral/aqua sunroom? 

Then the whole reason for going into TJ Maxx today [yeah that never works] was to buy these beautiful bark planters that are 2 ft tall and look just like the ones Frontgate is selling for $299!
I got mine for $24.99. Sure it's not "self watering" but for $274 I'll water them myself thank you.
 Pics to come once I plant my flowers in it this weekend. Can't wait!

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